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If I Had Never Moved Essay

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Moving to a new house can mean a lot of things. Of course, it means a few obvious things, like a new room and a new neighborhood. For me, however, it meant a new school, new friends, and starting your social life all over again.
When I was in the 7th grade, I was a student at Cesar Chavez Middle School. I wasn’t even supposed to be there. I had moved that year to a new home a good distance away from my school. I only continued to attend CCMS because my parents thought it was a suitable school for me and my younger sister. After my 7th grade year completed, however, the school somehow found out that we had moved out of the acceptable range and notified my parents that my sister and I would ...view middle of the document...

If I hadn’t moved, I could have been in the 8th grade Advanced Trigonometry course, and gone on to take Algebra 2 and Calculus in high school. I could have been in the top of my class, with the proper motivation. I could have gotten a full-ride scholarship to college.
Instead of those advanced classes, I got the basics again. I had a very average GPA, which I attributed to a lack of motivation; I stopped applying myself, because I personally felt that I had been cheated out of advancement simply because I lived somewhere else. In high school, I was still only able to get into Pre-AP classes, instead of AP. I wasn’t qualified for Calculus, which I had hoped to take just like my older sister had, so I had to take up a JROTC course instead.
Despite what could have been, I must say that I don’t particularly regret how things turned out. I may not have been one of the best in the advanced courses, but I was very well off in my basic classes. I was never below a 95 average in a few of my classes, and was never failing in any class. I got very high grades in my Math, English, and Social Studies classes in 8th grade because I already knew most of it. I had commendable grades in all of my Core Curriculum classes. I was one of the most accelerated readers in my English class and was the only student that managed to score a 100 on my English TAKS. I participated in a History Fair Competition as part of a small group of students...

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