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Idolizing Athletes Essay

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Mark McCallum
5 November 2012
Eng 101: Kruger
1st draft
Idolizing athletes: Should kids do it

“Parents should be role models. Just because I can dunk a basketball doesn’t mean I should raise your kids,” (Donna). This quote was made famous by former NBA player Charles Barkley in a commercial he had produced for Nike. Most people don’t take into account that athletes do not choose to go into their professional field expecting to be every little kids role model. They expect that just because they are professionals, they shouldn’t be doing anything wrong and they should be the ideal person. Most athletes however, manage to keep everything they do under wraps and stay out of trouble ...view middle of the document...

These were some of the biggest names in the sport at the time. Each and every one of them was trying to figure out what they could do to gain an upper hand on their opponent. However, that is something parents don’t necessarily like. Had Sosa’s bat never broken you would never know about the cork inside. But it did and the series of events that took place afterwards led people to think of him as a cheater. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Alex Rodriguez were all the same way. They were some of the biggest names in the sport and some of the most idolized athletes in the world. That is until they admitted to taking steroids and other PEDs. A-rod was thought of to be the best player in the league for many years before he had admitted to using steroids. And in essence, that is exactly what he wanted, to be the best. He felt like he could have gotten away with cheating a little bit to get the upper hand and felt like it was worth the risk. Now he is associated with steroids and will forever be looked down upon by parents who feel like that is wrong. “But don’t hate him because he is a cheater, in that sense he is just one of the gang,” (Moller 551)
Cheating in the MLB has been around for way to long to just start getting down on the guys now for doing what was done so many years ago and was perfectly okay. These parents have their valid points. Steroids are cheating and they bring cheating to a whole another level. But cheating has been around since the beginning of time if you truly think about it. Steroids are used to give the players an upper hand. That is the same reason we have technological advancement. Companies want the newest technology to sell to the customer and make the most money. Players want to be the best they can be at all costs to benefit their team. “Baseball was never innocent, America was never innocent, that innocence itself was never innocent,”(Posnanski 556). Cheating has always been a part of the game whether it is as major as steroids now or not it hasn’t changed. In the past, they had their ways around the system as well. No one just thought it was that big of a deal. Stealing signs has always been a part of baseball. Stealing signs consists of watching your opponent’s coach to try and get an upper hand so you know when they are going to bunt, steal, etc. People have openly admitted to stealing signs and in 1951 Leo Durocher used stealing signs to come back and win the pennant. Before the ages of steroids, players used to take amphetamines. Many players used these amphetamines to boost their personal play and overcome exhaustion. This is also their attempt to gain the upper hand. Very similar to why players use steroids. If players the players parents now idolized, were using amphetamines and stealing signs, only because steroids weren’t around how are the players now at fault. They are doing the same thing older players were doing except now it is more prevalent. The only true difference...

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