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Identity Based View Of Organization Essay

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An identity of a corporation is a complex thing to understand, and established. There is still a general lack of consistency when these terms are adopted to theoretical models or applied in Practice (Lars Thuger Christensen, Suren Askegaard 1999), in this essay the author has tried to review the literature of scholars of corporate identity to bring the whole concept in a nutshell.
This essay consists of two parts (a) and (b), in (a) author has tried to look into the notion of identity based view of corporation by exploring well known literature in order to assess how concept of identity serves organizations, how it helps in defining identity of corporation, the difference ...view middle of the document...

Keywords: corporate identity, corporate marketing, corporate branding, organizational identity

Organizations like any other entity have reasons to survive and exist, The concept of organizational identity has its roots in the exploration of identity in an individual level (Anu Puusa 2006), (Dennis A. Gioia, 1998 cited in Balmer, J.M.T and Greyser, S.A. 2003) linked the concept of identity with organization by stating that the concept of identity, which is so germane to conceiving what it means to be human, also is central to the conceptualization of, the work organization.

But identity of organization and corporation is not the easiest thing to understand considering all the debates and difference of views regarding this subject in last three decades but to understand this notion in simplest of ways it can be said that the identity means the sum of all the ways a company chooses to identify itself to all its publics the community, customers, employees, the press, present and potential stockholders e.t.c ( Margulies 1977 cited in Lars Thoger Christensen, Suren Askegaard 1999)

For a corporation having a unique persona and strong identity has a number of potential benefits like adding value to increasingly similar products, generating consumer confidence and loyalty, stimulating investments, attracting high quality personnel, and breeding employee motivation. (Fombrun and Shanley, 1990)
Albert and Whetten formulated the concept of organizational identity in such a way that it can be distinguished analytically from related concepts, such as organizational culture and image and gave the tripartite characterization of identity, for organizations to be aware that who are we? (Whetten, D.A 2006)
Firms can be identified with its organizational identity and corporate identity, it seems like that both organizational and corporate identities are interrelated and complementary but their respective foci are different. (Balmer, J.M.T and Greyser, S.A. 2003)
(Balmer, J.M.T and Greyser, S.A. 2003, p42) gave triquadri orbis which is a perfect answer in order to understand these identities and what they do in order to give answers to the questions like who are we? And what are we and is a perfect platform for us to base this essay
1. The first sphere relates to conceptualization of identity along narrow graphic design terms, the principal focus of this is to bring communication and reality into alignment via visual mean. (Visual Identity)
2. The second landscape focuses on staff identification with the corporation, this has given rise to organizational identity construct and address the question “who are we?” (Organizational Identity)
3. The third territory adopts a multidisciplinary perspective and relates to the distinct attribute of the organization, we call this corporate identity, it seeks to address the question “what are we?” as well as “who are we?”(Corporate Identity)
(Balmer, J.M.T 2001) has called combination of these...

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