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Identify Who Was Most Responsible For The Red Scare

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4) The post-war Red Scare was mostly caused by the American people themselves. The panic of the Red Scare first picked up momentum with Truman “scaring the hell” out of Congress during the speech which would become known as the Truman Doctrine. While Truman did have a legitimate point that Greece and Turkey were in danger of becoming Communist nations, the American public tendency to exaggerate and gullibility play the crucial role in what would become known as the Red Scare.
The first people to try to start the Red Scare were the Republican Party in an attempt to prove to the public the increase of Soviet power under Democratic rule (Brinkley). This gained momentum when Alger Hiss was ...view middle of the document...

Most political figures become prominent ones because they have the public’s support. This is the same with McCarthy. The reason he became so powerful is because he had the backbone of the people behind every accusation. Once again, the public took everything at face value and did not realize that some of his alleged “Communists” were the least likely suspects. One such “suspect” was George Marshall, a war hero in WWII. If the public had asked themselves why an undistinguished Senator would attack a hugely popular figure, they would have realized that it was for pure political gain. Once they realized that, McCarthy would have lost all public support and power. Indeed this was the reason for his downfall. When people saw his true character, they became disgusted with him and realized everything he had said in the past two years was a lie.
One last factor that is considered a reason for the Red Scare is the actions of the CIA abroad. The overthrow of two alleged Communist regimes in Iran and Guatemala certainly seemed like a reason to panic against the might of Communist influence. However, once again the public did not ask themselves why the US was...

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