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Identify The Job: It Programmer Analyst

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Identify the job: IT Programmer Analyst
Profile: Generally experience ranging from 0 years (fresh out of college) to 3 years of experience. Mainly work as programmer to support outsourcing projects from USA, UK and Europe. They provide technical support to applications, write programs to develop new applications and troubleshoot issues with developed solutions
Key Performance Criteria:
1. High Turnover and Workforce Retention
2. Compensation and Reward
3. Synergy with other departments
4. Poor Work-Life Balance
5. Lack of ethics/work culture
6. Lack of effective communication between teams
7. High Turnover
8. Shortage of talented programmers

Key Performance Criteria
1. High ...view middle of the document...

Poor Work-Life Balance
a. Long working hours, over 10 hrs a day
b. Working late or starting very early to match work hours at the client’s country
c. Working even on weekends to meet unrealistic deadlines
d. Managers only focus on team output, not the moral of the programmers
a. Schedule rotation for employees working with US/UK times on a regular basis: Job Design Theory
b. Provide ability to work from home at a regularly basis if the work times coincide with US/UK times: Job Design Theory
c. Understand the cultural context and expectation of young employees

3. Deteriorating Work Culture, Ethics and Quality
a. Lack of proper leadership
b. Lack of vision of the overall project picture. Programmers are only required to know the module they are working on, not the whole project or an overall high level view of the project
c. Lack of ownership of the project. Programmers generally don’t know where their product will go. No future state of the product communicated to the programmers. They generally don’t know the...

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