Identify Irony In Flanners Oconnor's A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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The Irony in Flannery O’Connor’s
Irony is a significant rhetorical technique used in demonstrating a condition which is conflicting or expression whereby the result is the exact opposite of what is anticipated. This device of literature creates absurdity in the story according to its tone. Irony has an element of indirectness hence making the writing interesting to the reader. In the story of Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” Irony has aided deeper comprehension and understanding of its themes as it provokes the readers making them to critically analyze the state, paralleling and distinguishing the actual condition with assumptions as explained in the paper. Use of irony is ...view middle of the document...

She triggers the chair and her pet jumps from where she hid it and confuses the driver who loses control of the car and ends up in a ditch. They are pulled out by three people, one of them being the Misfit. She pleads with him not to kill her and talks with him. He later kills her.
O’connor in her work of a good man is hard to find, develops an aspect of irony. The title itself is ironical because physical outlook and shallow assessment are used to derive this conclusion. At the beginning of the story she gives an explanation for her grandmother being dressed for an outing. “In case of an accident anyone seeing the dead on the highway would know at once that she was a lady” (O'Connor, 2001). People do not dress to be identified whether they are male or female in case of a bad incident like an accident but do it in accordance to the occasion, work and place of gathering. Optimism is key element to success but she is pessimistic expecting for the worse and what is funny she relates clothing with identification of the sex of the dead. Normally, people wear clothes based on their sex as there are different for male and female and more importantly to be smart and modest to suit their wants and requirements of the society but not the reason which has been given. At many instances in the writing, the granny makes conclusions that people are bad or good based on a fast evaluation of their appearance and few actions on their initial encounter (Kilcourse, 2001). This is misleading because to deduct whether a person is good or bad one must have sufficient evidence. Red Sam explained how he allowed aliens to charge the gas. After doing this, he asked himself why he did this and immediately the grandmother responded that it is because he was a good man. She made this judgment using the bare information she assessed, instead of using his character which can only be known in a length of time. The character is determined by distinct qualities which are unique in a person and this cannot be identified within a very short time especially when you meet a person for the first time (Dockery, David, Gregory, George, Brad, Harry, David, Jimmy, Barbara, Glenn, Karen, Paul, Antonio, Kina, Thomas, Susan, Mary, Donald, Kimberly & Todd, 2002). The grandmother objected spending the vacation in Florida but she is the first person to go into the car. We expected her to be dragged into the car since Florida was not her favorite place to spend the vacation.
Immediately after the car accident, the Misfit together with his associates comes. The grandmother identifies the Misfit and he is polite which is true but is meant to make the family have easy moments, makes her to assess Misfit. The grandmother ordered for calmness only to tell misfit that he is a good gentleman. She judged that Misfit was from a society which is good moraly(O'Connor, 2001). It is possible that the grandmother was desperate and wanted to gain some favor from Misfit but the baseline is that she made...

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