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Identify And Describe Five Factors Surrounding Stimulant Use That Heighten The Risk For The Contraction Of The Hiv Virus In The Context Of A Psychological Theory Of Your Choice?

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One of the first factors surrounding stimulant use that identifies and describes that heighten risk for the contraction of the HIV virus are poverty stricken drug addicts. This category of persons are at a high risk of contraction because they are not aware of a proper guide to cleanliness when administering the drug using needles. Because they are financially unstable, whatever means are used to get that "high" ,they will use it . Possible contraction can come from unsterilized needles, open sores or wounds and even sexual intercourse. According to Erikson, both social and environmental forces we are exposed to influences our development stages. In this particular instance ,because of the ...view middle of the document...

If needles or syringes are used , they may not even check if those instruments have been sterilized. Even the person the sex workers serve could be an infected client and of course, they would not know the person status. In stage six of Erikson`s psychosocial development stages, he notes that one of the strengths at this point is intimacy ,where love and affiliation needs are met. However ,when that ability to build relationships is not reached, the individual becomes isolated. To overcome this crisis ,the individual searches to fill that avoid from other means which involves sex workers, a heighten risk contraction factor.

The fourth factor surrounding stimulant use that heighten the risk for the HIV contraction are persons who are married to partners who are stimulant users. This is a serious risk since the partner may or may not be aware of the abuse of drugs or alcohol. If the wife is not aware of the husband drug status, she may have a safe level of trust in him and still have sexual intercourse. If the husband has a vague idea of the cleanliness of needles, syringes and other instruments ,he can easily contract any disease without even being aware. That disease can spread to his wife if not treated or attended to. Erickson believed that in each of the development stages, persons face crossroads that requires some sort of change in their behavior or personalities. However ,some persons choose to face those changes in negative way while others faces it positively . In this case, whatever brought about the stimulant abuse have not been resolved creating an atmosphere...

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