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Ideas From Colonial Time Affecting Our Present

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One of the ideas that have helped create our countries present was the constitution. It is the world’s oldest written plan of government. It was made to address the growing problems between the states. Fifty-five delegates gathered together to discuss those problems about their country. They bring up problems like slavery, the New Jersey plan, the Virginia plan, and the great compromise. Eventually the constitution was put together and balanced out freedom and power. The constitution created a federal system that unifies the states while sharing power with them. The constitution has worked for over two hundred years because of its system of checks and balances, and rules for adding the amendments.
Also the values of a balance of power have made our present possible. The system of ...view middle of the document...

Adding the bill of rights to the constitution was possible because the constitution provided for amendments. The framers of the constitution allowed for amendments, but however, they did not want people to change it without serious debate. As a result, they made changing the constitution a long and slow process.
The fight for independence is a factor that has helped shape our present. The unfair laws that the British created, caused the unrest throughout the colonies, which lead to the first continental congress. Delegates from every colony except Georgia met at carpenter’s hall in Philadelphia. The delegates discussed how they would respond to the taxes. So they decided to send a petition to King George III asking to repeal of the intolerable Acts. To fight the intolerable acts the delegates agreed to stop trade with Britain. The first continental congress also decided that if Britain didn’t change the policies at the end of the year it would stop all exports to Britain. This led to the battle of Lexington and battle of concord. Then the delegates gather back in Philadelphia to meet for the second continental congress. They decided to form an army and send a petition to the king but he ignores it. Thomas Jefferson writes the declaration of independence and it is approved. Then a formal copy of the declaration is written and signed by the members of the continental congress. After the signing of the declaration of independence, the colonist goes to war with Britain and win.

The declaration of independence was and is one of the most important documents in human history. It set out the rights and responsibilities of people in a democracy. These values and ideas are what helped out country become what it is today.

Jose A. De Jesus

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