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Ideal Childhood According To Charles Dickens

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Kholi Eloziini

Dr.Usha Mudiganti
Literatures of childhood
M.a English(3rd sem.)
Date: 2-9-13

Ideal Childhood according to Charles Dickens.

"Great Expectations by Charles Dickens was Published in 1860. The novel is almost an autobiographical novel for Charles Dickens since many of his early life's experiences are echoed in the novel. Like Dickens, Pip the main protagonist who lived in Kent, the marsh country,works at a job he hated and believes himself to be too good for his surroundings and expeirences material success at a very early age. Infact it portrays the conditions of the early nineteenth century.
Great Expectations depicts a process, a journey of growing, ...view middle of the document...

In the " Great Expectation" Dicken has also noted that, by the demands of the society and family circumstances,children were often forced into adulthood and work much too early. His novels are full of children who either have to take care of their parents or must fend for themselves in the absence of their parents.
The novel begins with Pip entangled in Dickens own childhood nightmares.Pip looks at the world and sees everything is corrupt,unfair and cruel.But the adults seems to assures everything is fine. Mrs.Joe (Pip's elder sister) seems cruel,selfish and always mad to Pips young eyes while the world sees her as a devoted housewife and who brought up Pip by hand.Pips looks and sees what is and sees that things are terribly wrong, but world choose to see with lying eyes that all is well.Pip is tormented by the dissonance between his vision and society and he habitually wonders if somthing is wrong with him to account for the disparity but we do know where the fault lies.
Pip has no expectations until he is taken to Miss Havisham's place's by uncle Pumplechook.The incident at which Pip expectation becomes most evident is when Joe meets Miss Havisham, Pip's is embarassed by his low life. At this point Pip is no longer an innocent child and he is on his way towards the road of snobbery and the readers comes to know him as the adult Pip. Once he left for London he becomes extravagant,spendthrift and filling his void of self contentment through enjoyment,expensive resturants and becomes materialistic. Dickens seems belived the idea of the moralists and pedagouges of the seventeenth century where importance to the childrens psychological needs and moral solicitude needs to be implicated inorder to know the value of things.They believed the coarseness of youth which finds pleasure in scarcely anything but material objects and which is very crude which Pip seems to represent.Pip is given so much without being made understood, loses his moral values and character.
Pip's first falls from innocence is when he steals from his sister to feed the convict. His tedency to self blame all throughout the novel is seen as the vehicle by which Dickens steers his moral recovery from the pride,snobbery,vanity,or fantasy.Pip's sense of guilt is when the awareness of his own sin and moves him towards reformation.Inorder to straighten and correct the bahaviour of children they should taught about morality and the psychological needs. The child needs to be feed with this values since the children are ignorant towards life and much vulnerable lest they become evil.
As in the novel the the first person to inspire Pip is Joe.He is shown as a very stupid,low life person as we perceive him to be in the first part but infact he seem to be a gentleman all along actually. He is one person who understands Pip's and his psychological needs and interest.For instance,"Joe always aided and comforted me when he could in some way of his own, he always did so at dinner...

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