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Ict Notes Essay

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Information & Communication Technology
* Programming

* Two Interfaces within a computing environment
* CLI- Command Line Interface
-Dos, Unix ,Linux.

Advantage: Less Energy consumption
Disadvantage: Lots of commands to remember…..

* GUI- Graphical User Interface
-Windows, Apple, Unix.

Advantage: User Friendly -WIMP Environment (Window,Icon,Menu,Pointer)
Disadvantage: Uses a lot of energy

Types Of Programming Languages:

* Procedural Programming Languages:
-Uses a number of Tasks called procedures
-Modularisation (small chunks of code)
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* Two Categories Of Software:
* Note: System Software must be in place before Application Software can be used
Note: System Software must be in place before Application Software can be used
System Software controls computer system
* Application Software carry out specific task for user

System Software

* This is software we need to work closely with the operating system.
* This can include software such as
* Note: Hardware peripherals would not be able to communicate with the OS without these files.
Note: Hardware peripherals would not be able to communicate with the OS without these files.
* Updates.
* DLL files.

Application Software

* To manage finances.(SAGE)
* To present information to an audience.(PPT)
* To create and manipulate images.(Photoshop)
* To manage projects.(MS Project)
* To design products.(CAM)

* General Purpose Software
Note: Also called Off The Shelf Software
Note: Also called Off The Shelf Software
Software that can be used for many different tasks. Anyone can buy general purpose software, so it is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users.
* Ready-Made
* Can Be Installed Immediately
* Sold as a Complete Package
* Bought through the high street, internet or mail order supplier.

* Bespoke Software
Bespoke software is custom made to meet the needs of a single organisation.
* Large business like a bank may employ software developers
Note: Created by Software Developers
Note: Created by Software Developers

Software Development

Storing values

* Programs can have input and output
* Programs have input from a user eg a name
* Programs may give results as output eg result
* Sometimes programs need to hold values.
* A program may need to add 2 numbers or print out a name or result, for this we need to assign variables.
* Variables Used as temporary storage areas to store values in a program.

Variable Type:
Integar, Double etc
Variable Type:
Integar, Double etc
Variable Name:
Variable Name:

* Local Variables
These are variables that can only be used within a local section of a program.

* Global Variables
These are variables that can be accessed throughout the whole of the program.
* Arrays
Used to store a series of related variables
Eg: Age[3] includes Age[0],Age[1],Age[2],Age[3]

* 3 basic structures used to build a program.
* Sequence : used when program statements are followed one after the other.
* Selection: (decision) when a choice is made by the user. Based on some criterion. Example: If statement
* Iteration (repetition) when a section of code is repeated using a loop.

* Note: Always True or False
Note: Always True or False
If statements...

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