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Romano (2003) affirms that empowering teachers with technology is one of the basic prerequisites that can make technology more useful to the pupils. In his perception of computers in education, he observed that computers allow teachers to provide each member of the class with an increased number of individualized learning experiences based on the learner's needs rather than teacher availability. Computers allow learners to phase into directing their own learning experience particularly at a higher level. Whitehead et al. (2003) argue that appropriate professional development for teachers and pupils is critical to the success of linking technology to the curriculum. They emphasize that one of the keys to successful staff development is to have teachers teach other teachers. Whitehead et al. (2003) highlight ideas from the US experience that have proven effective in staff development at the local level as project-based approach, ...view middle of the document...

This is a site-based staff development program that emphasizes on staff empowerment, accountability, responsibility, and ongoing support. It consists of four interrelated phases: developing a needs assessment, core team selection and planning, delivery of training, and personnel and program evaluation.
Bradshaw (2002) indicates the need for staff development. He argues that teachers must have new knowledge and develop new skills and attitudes before they can teach others about technology and integrate technology into their classroom instruction in meaningful ways. He points out models of staff development that were identified in research by Joyce and Showers (1995). They include training of trainers' model, model classroom technology training centers, resource centers, networked labs and cyber campuses, and a portable lab using laptop computers.
According to Mitchen, Wells, and Wells (2003), in order to assist the development of effective teacher training regarding technology integration, the United States Department of Education created a program called Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology. Under this program, there were funded grants to help K-12 teachers' professional development. This implies that one strategy is to establish a special program and special fund for technology teachers so as to sustain technology integration at different levels. Howard and Wedmann (2004) insist that past experience has shown that the traditional workshop model for delivering of professional development does not often result in changes in actual practice. They suggest the pre-service teacher educational model as the best.
There are different models of professional development that can be used for teachers to sustain technology integration. One of the features that characterize a good model for technology integration is keeping teachers informed of the current trends in technology and new methods of teaching their respective subjects. The nature of technology integration, as part of the general curriculum, will depend on the factors within the system itself. For developing countries like Cameroon, the factor of resources will play a key role in determining the professional development model to adopt

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