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Ict Challenges In Hotel Operations Essay

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Two-Person Writing Assignment (6-10 pages, double spaced): Two-person Assignment is
(1) to define specific business problems/needs you may face, describe what the existing operations are and why they are problems, and provide the overview of the Industry the problems belong.
(2) (Problem Descriptions), (2) to address the problems and needs by defining the solution steps/processes, and search relevant information technologies for the solution process automation on the specific problems and needs (Solution Process, Technology Applications and Automation).

Two-Person Writing Assignment (6-10 pages, double spaced): Two-person Assignment is
(3) to define specific business ...view middle of the document...

When an assessment of the competitive indexes of a hotel is carried out, it has greatly been admitted that ICT Systems are critical components to the achievement of operational viability. In this highly demanding market, the specific challenges/needs of the industry must be overcome primarily in areas of:
* Internal
* External
Customer Satisfaction
* Potential
* Present
* Past
Operations & Management
* Accounting and Finance
* HRM (see pic on phone)
* Operations
* Rooms Division – Housekeeping/Front Office/Concierge/Butler
* Guest Services
* Food & Beverage
* Maintenance
These areas listed are critical divisions to the overall success of any hotel. As such, the greatest levels of efficiency, accuracy, consistency, clarity and applicability are required to ensure organizational excellence. With the proliferation of the internet and its integration into all facets of daily life; businesses must adopt processes and policies to remain relevant to employees and consumers. As such the ICT Systems must integrate operational procedures with customer input and expectations to achieve top quality organizational output.
As such the areas listed as challenges to be addressed by ICT is due to the following:
Communications: this is critical to all processes the organization is involved with. Organizational communication is therefore a functional component of organizational structure. To meet the needs of a hotel today, organizational communications must occur on two basic levels:
* Internal – between members of the organization employed by the organization to carry out roles and functions. These are employees and their levels of communication, style and content may be heavily influenced or directed by the organization.
Internal communications could be achieved through company emails, direct messaging over a company network, internal telephone system integrated through a PBX system and even a cost effective cellphone plan called a Closed User Group (CUG) where a flat rate is agreed with a service provider and those within the group call each other unlimited at a flat rate. Traditional PBX or private Branch exchange is now being supplanted due to improvements in technology by IP PBX which lowers costs by making calls over the net. 3CX is one supplier of PBX services ( An intranet is also a great way of sharing vast quantities of knowledge internally. An intranet is necessarily a computer network using internet protocol to share information within an organization. Only people within that organization usually has access to the portal.
* External – a hotel operates within a network of external entities which has direct impact on functionality and need for existence. As such the organization must communicate with these entities for mutually beneficial reason. Such external entities include customers, regulatory agencies, partners and even contractors of...

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