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Ict And Healthcare In Ghana: A Proposal

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ICT and Healthcare in Ghana by Mathew Adjei Darko (PG 3056209)

Background Information

Health is a key sector for development and plays a crucial role in poverty eradication.

One of the key developments in the health sector in the last 25 years is the incursion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). This is clearly captured in a speech of Mr. Kofi Annan speaking at the World Summit of Information Society: “A technological revolution is transforming society in a profound way. If harnessed and directed properly, ICT have the potential to improve all aspects of our social, economic and cultural life.”

Therefore a concerted and guided use of ICT in the health sector is ...view middle of the document...

It s mission is to ensure good and affordable basic services to all Ghanaians. It is supported by a host of private clinics and hospitals. The use of ICT is not wide spread and where ICT has been implemented they are fragmented with little connectivity. There is also a knowledge gap for both the stakeholders and the patient who are to be served by the ICT implementation. Investment in ICT is looked upon with mistrust and caution since there is no real business case for ICT investment in a Medical practice.

The Problem Identification or The Challenges

In spite of all these perceived benefits and opportunities offered by ICT, there are numerous challenges to overcome before information and communication technology (ICT) can achieve its full potential in process-oriented health-care organizations. It must be recognised that e-health also brings costs (of technology, of implementation, of staff time, of training, etc.), and that there may be downsides (such as failure, or poorer security and privacy for patient data). One of these challenges is designing systems that meet users' needs, while reflecting a continuously changing organizational environment. Another challenge is to develop ICT that supports both the internal and the external stakeholders' demands. Another challenge is how to position Ghana to take advantage of ICT opportunities...

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