"Ice Cream" By Helen Dunmore Essay

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An Essay on “Ice Cream” by Helen Dunmore
The term of a dream is a strongly desired goal or purpose, something that fully satisfies a wish. A dream is something that all needs to have. It is a vision. Dreams are our world; they are the inner workings of the mind. Some dreams gives ideas and some help solve problems. To succeed a dream, you have to believe in yourself. Once Theodore Roosevelt said, “believe you can and you are halfway there”. But sometimes believing is not enough. Sometimes everything is fighting against you.
Clara, who is the main character in this short story, is battling with a lot of struggles. As a 23-year-old, she already had a tough life. As a 14-year-old “she was as ...view middle of the document...

They do not approve of eating unhealthy; it is a taboo in the model industry. Clara, got this clear obsession and hunger for ice cream, which Elise, which her personal trainer Elise describes as one of her crown jewelry, (page 85 line 11). Elise does not approve of Clara eating ice cream. It is a battle between Elise and Clara, where Elise wants Clara to ignore the temptation of ice cream, however Clara is ready to sacrifice her carrier for ice cream. If Elise had not been there, she would have eaten every single ice cream. Elise was the one to order her a double espresso, because she knows that she cannot control her hunger for ice cream. The way she describes the ice creams they have in the café is intense, “then there is a breath of wood-strawberries, a burnt aroma of coffee, the silk-sweet innocence of vanilla, the spice of ginger, the ice-green tang of lime”, (page 85 line 34-36), she knows her ice cream, and they know when she swallows the first bit of ice cream, it is hard to just walk away. When she swallowed, it was like she gave up; the ice cream concurred. The ice cream symbolizes the loss of control for Clara and the failures as related to measure up to the ideal body, as the model industry demands. In the moment she is giving up for her craving, she is losing control over herself; she shows that she cannot control her impulses. The lost of control causes a disappointment at her personal trainer Elise. Elise is an expression of Clara lacking self-consciousness. Elise has...

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