Ia Nice Essay About Business

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|October |12 |Introduction to Accountancy |Prof. Régis Blazy |8h45-17h00 |
| | |Principles and Writings | | |
|October |13 |Orientation |Various university participants |2h00-5h00 |
|October |14 |Financial Diagnosis & Management I |Prof. Claude Viallet |8h45-17h00 |
| |15 | | ...view middle of the document...

Régis Blazy |8h45 – 17h00 |
| | |Credit Scoring Analysis | | |
| |13 | | | |
|November |18 |Corporate Finance |Prof. Tibor Neugebauer |9h00-12h30 |
| |19 | | | |
|November |20 |Portfolio Theory and Management |Prof. Yves Wagner |9h00-17h00 |
|November |23 |Financial Diagnosis & Management |Profs. Viallet & Wolff |9h00-11h00 |
| | |OPEN-BOOK | | |
| | |EXAM | | |
|November |24 |Corporate Finance |Prof. Tibor Neugebauer |14h00-17h30 |
| | | | |9h00-12h30 |
| |25 | | | |
|November |26 |Portfolio Theory and Management |Prof. Yves Wagner |9h00-17h00 |
| |27 | | | |
|December |1 | Strategic Cost Management |Prof. De Rongé |9h00-17h00 |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
|December |2 |Portfolio Theory and Management |Prof. Yves Wagner |9h00-17h00 |
| |4 | | | |
|December |9 |Corporate Financial Reporting and |Prof. Régis Blazy |9:30-12:30 |
| | ...

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