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I Want To Do Research Essay

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Background of the study
Concept of bank;
Bank, a financial institution, is playing a vital role in the economic development of the country. The function of banks are not only accepting deposits and granting loans but also, including wide range of services to the different strata of society, to facilitate the growth of trade, commerce industry and agriculture of the national economy. In the absence and insufficiency of banking and financial facilities, the growth of the economy development becomes slow. However, bank is the resource for economic development which maintains the self-confidence of various segments of society and advances credit to the people.
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Commercial banks in Nepal
Commercial banks are the financial institution, which deals deposits from persons and institution, provide interest, formulate capital and grants loans against securities. They contribute significantly in the formulation and mobilization of internal capital and development efforts; furnish necessary working capital according to the agency function to make life easier and play an important role in credit creation. Besides they also provide technical and administrative assistance to industries, traders and business enterprises. So they are being the means for the upliftment of society. Their main objective is to earn reasonable profit and reward for their services by proper mobilization of idle resources after collecting them from different scattered sources, in particular productive sectors.
According to Nepal Commercial Bank Act 2031,”A commercial bank is one which exchanges money, deposits money, grants loans and performs commercial banking functions and which is not a bank meant for cooperation, agriculture, industries or for such specific purpose.”
This history of banking system starts from Nepal with the establishment of Nepal Bank Limited, which is the 1st commercial bank of Nepal. Nepal Bank Limited was established in under Nepal Bank Act as a joint venture between government and public sector. Nepal Bank Limited is playing a influential role in developing the banking sector in Nepal by regulating the issues of currency, security country and for stigmatization of trade, industry and banking system. Nepal Rastra Bank came into existence in countries central bank.NRB directed its attention towards development of banking system by formulating relevant policies and procedures. In this connection, commercial bank Act 2021 BS. was brought and credit control regulation was formulated. To develop banking and commercial sector in Nepal later on Rastriya Banijya Bank was established.
Name list of All commercial Licensed Banks in Nepal
S.N. | Name of Commercial Bank | Year of establishment A.D. | Head office | Links to Related bank |
1 | Nepal Bank Limited | 1957 | Kathmandu | |
2 | Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited | 1966 | Kathmandu | |
3 | Nabil Bank Limited | 1984 | Kathmandu | |
4 | Nepal Investment Bank Limited(previously Nepal Indosuez Bank) | 1986 | Kathmandu | |
5 | Standard Chartered Bank Limited(previously Nepal Grindlays Bank Limited) | 1987 | Kathmandu | |
6 | Himalayan Bank Limited | 1993 | Kathmandu | |
7 | Nepal SBI Bank Limited | 1993 | Kathmandu | |
8 | Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited | 1993 | Kathmandu | |
9 | Everest Bank Limited | 1994 | Kathmandu | |
10 | Bank of Kathmandu Limited | 1995 | Kathmandu | |
11 | Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank Limited(Previously Nepal Bank...

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