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I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

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I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud is a poem about the relationship between nature and human beings: how nature can affect one’s emotion and behavior with emotion and sound. William Wordsworth uses simple, yet profound, words to convey his message of the connection between nature and the universe. I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud tells the emotional life of William Wordsworth as it reflects his alienation, memory, and healing. Alienation is a terrible feeling of isolation which is healed by solitude or reflection. Solitude allows for floods of memories to remind us of our reason for living. Solitude is our saving grace which is essential for reflection, a time in which we discover things about our ...view middle of the document...

William Wordsworth experienced these feelings which inspired the poem with loneliness in the title. The title itself presents a comparison to wandering through life lonely just as a cloud which wanders through the sky alone. Wordsworth experienced a period in his life where he was living from the outside looking in, looking down on the world, like a cloud, removed from secular society. Wordsworth can relate to the characters in Skunk Hour who were all alienated from the world as we know it. They chose this life because they felt the world could never understand them. Wordsworth did not choose the alienated life, the alienated life chose him, and he was determined to reverse its effects through entering a state of solitude. Solitude is the positive part of loneliness because sometimes it is good to be alone so that we can reflect on our lives. Solitude is not alienation because it is good and necessary for life. We need to take time to reflect and reenergize through solitude. Wordsworth says the key to happiness is the “bliss of solitude.” Though they are two adverse states of life, alienation and solitude work together cohesively to portray a way of balancing both loneliness and reflection.
Memory is the extremely powerful force which allows us to dig deep into ourselves and create our true identity. Special memories with special people reminds us why we are living and to keep going strong on the road to recovering from alienation. Reflection through solitude gives us the power of memory; however memory is not reflection it is a way of reliving the past. Memories give us something to hold on to when it seems that all hope is lost. Wordsworth used the power of memories to gain healing and reconnect with society. He encourages us to cherish and appreciate our memories because one day they will be all we have left. Memories bring back swells of emotion which helps us get past the dark times. Memories evoke a positive feeling of joy and happiness much like the pleasure found in solitude. Memories are “the bliss of solitude” Wordsworth talks about in line 22 of the poem. Happiness from memories is achieved by going off alone for a time of reflection. Memories put us on the road to regain sanity. They are valuable to us because they accumulate and become so special over time. “What wealth the show to me had brought” is a line Wordsworth uses to portray...

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