I Used This Essay At My Speech Class. It Will Tell You About Tofu And Its History, Ingridents, And Health Benefits

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introductionI believe everybody want to live with healthy like. Today I like to introduce a tofu which is funny looking and sponge like white block. Tofu is perhaps the most widely consumed soyfood in the world today. It is a regular part of the diet in many asian nations and is available across the United states and in most western nations. This soft, white, almost cheese like product is favored for its versatility, mild flavor, and high nutritional value. It is naturally processed from whole soy beans and as result, contain a lot of nutritions which give us good health benefits.BodyHistoryAbout 2000 years ago, tofu was invented by one of the Chinese chef . He added salt to soymilk for extra flavor. Then Chinese relized tofu was particularly tasty, and it soon became a popular dish among the public. Since then, tofu was introduced to Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. Due to its popularity, tofu ...view middle of the document...

ProteinSoybeans are now considered to be the most promising source of low-cost, hegh quality protein available. According to tofu book, one quarter of the wrold's po;ulation that relies on soy foods as its primary source of protein. 4 ounces of cooked soybeans has the same amount of protein as four ounces of beef but without the saturated fat and cholesterol. 4 ounces of tofu contain up to 13 grams of protein. Tofu and other soy foods can safely and effectively replace animal products as the major source of protein in our diet.Heart diseaseSoy foods are high in protein but low in saturated fat and free of cholesterol in fact, clinical studies have shown that substituting soy protein for animal protein or simply adding soy protein significantly reduces the risk of the heart disease. It takes at least 25 grams of soy protein per day in low fat and low cholesterol diet to achieve a 10 percet reducion in cholesterol. That 10 % decerase in cholesterol reduces the chance of having a heart attack by 20 to 30 percent.CancerAt a conference convened by the national cancer institute in Washington ,d,c, in 1990, resercher and experts know there was storng evidence that soy foods may play a role in preventing caner. the soy componet known as isoflavones have offered promising hope for the prevention and treatment of many different types of cancers. Scientific studies have found a strong connection between isoflavones, and reduced risk of many types fo cancer including breast , colon, lung, prostate, skin and leukemiaConclusionTofu is cholesterol fighter, far attacker. Calcium champion. Tofu has indeed earned its reputation as a nutritional wonder food. Tofu has been proving its extraordinary nutritional competence over two thousand years"diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that in clued 25 grams of soy protein per day may reduce the fisk of heart disease"the FDA has authorized this claim and opened up whole new world of healthful eating for people who had never even heard of tofu.I don't think this tofu is just funny looking and tasteless white block. It's very nutritional food like medicine and it also can give us very delicious meal all the time

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