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I.T. Doctors Database Analysis

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There are some parts of a Doctor’s Surgery that could benefit from computerisation. As time goes on technology will aid most types of work, for instance office work (Department of Trade and Industry, for example). Technology could be used in a Doctor’s surgery to computerise the patients’ files, to print out prescriptions and certificates for things like immunisations. The patients’ file would consist of their name & address, telephone number, D.O.B, sex, allergies, and diseases. In addition, it will be faster for the doctor to access his or her files because they are all just a few clicks of a mouse button away instead of loads of paper-based ...view middle of the document...

The dilemma is that I need to make a database to answer all these problems. I will make a database for a doctor’s surgery so the doctors can look up and alter the files of their patients with just the click of a button. The database will be able to find their medical record (allergies, etc.), their home address, their home phone number, their allergies (if any), and their diseases (if any).

The potential users of this database are doctors, stand in doctors, receptionists, physiotherapists and nurses. Doctors are potential users because they are the people treating their patients so they will need to be constantly checking their patients’ files. That also applies for the nurses, physiotherapists and receptionists. Receptionists are potential users because they are the people who book the appointments and edit files for things like addresses or names.

Also, I will need to make a brochure for my company for it to be a form of advertising. In addition to that, I will make a slide show advertisement that customers could watch when in the surgery. This could be used to let them know the full capabilities of the surgery; it could also help the customers tell their friends about the surgery in case their friends are looking for something that they cannot find in other surgeries.

I asked my GP (General Practitioner) these questions:
1. Would you prefer a paper-based record of everything or a computer-based record of everything?
2. Why?
3. Which system are you currently using?
4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this system?
5. Did you ever use the other system?
6. Why did you change?

He replied:
1. I would prefer a computer-based record of everything.
2. Why? Because it means easier access, more space in my room, lees time-consuming, and I can print out prescriptions instead of hand-writing them, and I don’t have re-record things when I have to edit something.
3. Currently I am thankfully using a computer for my records and prescriptions.
4. The advantages are that it is quick, that the files can be edited, added and erased easily, etc. The disadvantages are that data can be lost permanently; the computer can crash because of bugs.
5. I used the other system years ago.
6. I changed because compared to the system I am using now it was very frustrating and time-consuming.

In my database I will construct a spreadsheet for customer details, employee details, for the supplier’s details and appointment details. From these spreadsheets I will generate a form for each so the receptionist/Doctor can simply fill...

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