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I Made This To Join Essay

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Essential IS Functions

Any great new service in today’s technology-driven world is often driven by some type of information system. Information systems are essential to almost every type of business because they are a much easier way to organize business information and records than the traditional paper method. They can also be great for tracking other business occurrences. A well managed business is one that tracks how much it should get paid automatically.
For a high-tech vehicle maintenance service, one that will specialize in mobile repair units and other aspects of business that are off business property, a good enterprise resource plan is a necessity. The enterprise resource plan (ERP) will keep a constant record of all service calls received by the company, including fine details such as the nature of the call and urgency. It will also be responsible for tracking the ins and outs of an entire ...view middle of the document...

The customer will need some type of mobile computer or implant system that can send them notifications and preferably also handle phone calls if the need arises. This device will be the main platform from which the customer interface will be based. In addition, the systems within the vehicle will send information to the customer and service center, either directly through 3G/4G or via bluetooth to the customer’s smartphone or mobile device. Service centers will require a complex application capable of understanding when a customer’s vehicle is due for maintenance and whether or not the customer is choosing to act upon that fact with the company. Mobile repair units can either operate as independent contractors with a customer bounty system, or be full employees of the company and be given assignments directly. Their information systems depends upon how their job is set up.
Of course a business this complex cannot be run entirely through the internet, some additional hardware will be needed in order to fulfill all the business demands. Vehicle computers would need to be upgraded with wireless transmission antennas and better systems health technologies in order to properly warn the customer and company. Mobile repair units would most likely also require some type of internet connection, a 3G/4G receiver would do the trick. Finally the customer’s mobile device will need to be internet or radio connected.
With all of these exciting and innovative features, one has to wonder what kind of network it will take to run it all. A basic client-server network should do the job. After signing up for the service, customers will simply sign in on their devices and vehicles to start the maintenance tracking process. Then when the system notices a problem, it sends a packet to the customer’s home service center and to the customer containing an explanation and a warning. The customer can choose from within the customer interface when to schedule an appointment with a service center or mobile repair unit if he or she chooses. While the company now knows that the customer has a need for a product and/or service. This information will be useful for planning promotional events and sales.

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