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Part A Introduction
ExxonMobil publicly known Exxon is an America worldwide enterprise specialized in oil and gas, currently was ranked as 5th publicly traded companies having greatest market capitalization and 8th largest company based on their revenue. The corporation was concerned in an exceedingly immense dispute relating to the denial of climate change. Thus, ExxonMobil engaged in lobbying, funded scientific research and advertising that some of that were carried out with the fundamental goal being of delaying widespread acceptance and action on global warming.
There were a few significant events leading up to the whole climate change controversy of Exxon Mobil. These ...view middle of the document...

Throughout 1998 to 2004, Exxon Mobil also arranged funds amounting to millions to particular organizations that provides support for the scientific research that shows fossil fuel combustion caused a part in climate change whilst others were completely denial of any associations between fossil fuel combustion and climate change. It is no hesitation that Exxon Mobil has successfully in persuading people to accept that climate change is simply a theory.
Part B Risk Categories
In the process of doing business, it is most likely that large corporation such as ExxonMobil will be require to deal with unexpected and often unpleasant risk that threaten to destroy the business. That is the essence of risk and how you react to it will determine whether you succeed and survive. Based on ExxonMobil, it tend to monitor the shortcomings in company procedures and determine where it could meet the risk, thus reducing and minimizing potential risk that might lead to the increase of other unwarranted risk.
ExxonMobil considered as company that mismanaged risk because they tend to focusing on narrow measures. Based on July 197, Exxon senior scientist James F. Black warned top Exxon management of the risk associated with increasing region carbon dioxide concentrations from fossil fuel combustion. Thus, ExxonMobil choose to ignoring the risk and trying so hard in denying climate change when the research and result obviously has been showing that fossil fuel combustion is related to the business activity of Exxon Mobil. In order to stabilize and secure the business, Exxon Mobil determined engaged to climate change denial to avoid any possible risk that could arise from the implications that fossil fuel combustion causes changes in the climate.
The first common risk that ExxonMobil facing are operational risk, it is known as the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or unsuccessful internal processes, people and systems or from external events. Based on the case of Exxon Mobil, the external events of issue would be climate change due to the evident of the research which show that business activity of ExxonMobil do impact potential global warming. Being in the oil and gas industry, the main source of income for ExxonMobil is sales of their product gas and oil which is derived from fossil fuel combustion. Assume that there is a awareness that climate change is caused by fossil fuel combustion, that would be troublesome and extra work for Exxon Mobil because they has to take to certain action to ensure that they are mitigating this issue and there a chance government might implied restrictions against fossil fuel combustion that would reduce and possibly close down the business operations of Exxon Mobil, thus creating an operational risk.
The second risk would be people risk also known as human error consider as most common mistake that often happen in an organization. Generally, it can be occur from failing to communicate a convincing vision of where...

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