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I Dont Know Essay

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1) Coca-Cola Company announced in 1985 that they were going to change the brand name as well as the original taste of the cola; the very distinct and original taste that was known to the customers for almost a hundred years.  Coca-Cola’s loyal customers were extremely unhappy that their trusted brand was making changes and reacted to this inundating the company with dissatisfaction, defending Coca-Cola like they held a private stake in the company.  One group in Seattle threatened to sue the company. The company understood that this and along with the outpour of customers who did not want the change listened and decided not to change the brand name nor the taste. “Attitude represents a ...view middle of the document...

2) There have always been numerous choices on the shelves of supermarkets, delis and restaurants offering different types of colas. However, I believe there are two brands that which started it all Coca-Cola and Pepsi. It is the two of these brands that through-out the years have created the most brand loyalty. The main reason for this divide between the two companies is the taste of the cola. Sure, there are a variety of colas on the market but if you asked most people they clearly have their favorite and vary rarely will drink the other unless there is no other alternative. Customers will buy Coca-Cola whether it is “on sale” or not. Creating different products to offer the consumer under the same brand allows a company to extend their line but give their customers different tastes to choose from. Coca-Cola launched Coke Zero which has a different taste from their original Diet Coke yet offers the benefit of being calorie-free. BY offering different types of cola, Coca-Cola is keeping their loyal customers and attracting new customers with their offering of different products to cater to an individuals need for something different yet not having to leave their trusted brand. Energy drinks, satisfy different need though, but still offer something different, with less negative impacts. Bottled water too, is a totally different brand and is being appreciated more than the rest, like it should. Line extension strategy, has a goal, to cover all the aspect of different needs of the customers. Nowadays people have become more selective and demanding than before. Companies need to take into consideration all the above, market research, but most important Coca-Cola and other companies for that matter need to research and look into how any change whether subtle or drastic is going to affect the buying habits of their loyal customers and how any such change is going to cause a company to lose their loyal customers.
3) Customers become attached to a product and companies need to take that into consideration when attempting to switch the taste of their colas. But it isn’t always the taste that angers consumers, even a slight deviation in name or design can turn otherwise loyal customers off to a product they have used for years. A customer that is brand loyal to Coca-Cola is so for one main reason…Taste, if the company alters the original formula the customer is going to notice it. I for one will only drink Coca-Cola products, I can taste the difference between Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, for me Diet Pepsi is much sweeter and I do not like the taste at all. If Diet Coke is not available for me to drink, I will not drink Diet Pepsi as an alternative, I would much rather drink nothing. If Coca-Cola changed their original formula, I would be at a loss for what to drink on a daily...

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