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I Dont Care Essay

863 words - 4 pages

Mentoring and Intercultural Awareness Joint Assignment with International Students

The objective of this assignment is to:
a) Learn how to become a mentor
b) Learn how to build intercultural relationships
c) Become aware of intercultural issues in communication
d) Learn the basic skills of networking

You will be placed in groups of 4 - 5 students (two students from MGMT 1196 and two/three students from BUSI-1088 Strategies for Success-International.)

This assignment (worth 15 %) is due in week 10 Friday Nov 8 at 3:00pm in the wooden drop box outside of B2025.

This assignment is to be completed by Face-to-Face Interaction: Please follow the instructions below:
1. You are ...view middle of the document...

(5 marks) Initial Email sent out by Human Resources Group Leader due Friday Oct 4th at 11:59pm
You must cc myself and Professor Wang at:

2. (5 marks) Email must be sent in a professional and appropriate manner.

3. (30 marks) Each Meeting Minute Submission will be graded out of 10 for a total of 30 marks:
a) 3 marks: Meeting minutes must be typed in proper formal OR informal minute format (see example below or a template that you have found online). Each section must be filled in appropriately as per meeting content.
b) 5 marks: Content is detailed and comprehensive (please note good meeting minutes are characterized by understanding the content without actually being present)
c) 2 marks: Content must be typed and free from spelling/grammar errors

4. (10 marks) Individual Reflection (please see below)

5. All members (human resources students and international students) must sign each submission of the meeting minutes. If your signature is not present on any one of the hardcopy submissions you will not receive a grade for that particular meeting.

| |
|Reflection of this experience (worth 10 marks): |
| |
|Must be typed in Times New Roman 12 font |
|Grammar and spelling errors will have .5 marks deducted up to max of 5 marks |
|Length of journal entry must be 1 – 2 pages (grade of zero if not at least one page or if content is not a sound reflection of your experiences) |
| |
|What challenges in communication did you face? How did you overcome these challenges? |
|What did you find challenging as a mentor? |
|What skills did you use throughout this process and how would this specifically help you as a Human Resources Professional? |
|List three to four benefits that will benefit you as an HR professional? |
|How do you think this experience will assist you with intercultural awareness in the workplace? ...

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