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I Do Not Know Essay

723 words - 3 pages

Tyler McVan Chapter 9 Vocab

Access- The Microsoft Office RDBMS application
Alphabetical order- See ascending order
Append- Adding data to the end of table
Ascending order- In order from lowest to highest
Attachment field- A field that stores a file
AutoNumber field- A field that automatically stores a numeric value that is one greater than that in the last record added
Boundary- The column borders in a table
Chronological Order- See Ascending order
Currency field- A field that stores dollar amounts.
Data- Redundancy Unnecessary data duplication.
Database- An organized collection of related data.
Database schema- A description of the data and the organization of ...view middle of the document...

Layout view- The view used for formatting a form.
Long form - A date/time format that displays data in a form similar to Friday, May 5, 2009 or 10:12:30 AM.
Long Integer- A field size that indicates a whole number.
Lookup field- A field that stores data retrieved from a field in another table.
Medium form- A date/time format that displays data in a form similar to 24-June-09 or 10:12 AM.
Memo field- A field that stores several lines of text.
Name- Word or words used to describe the data stored in a field.
Navigation Pane- Used to run, open, and manage the objects of an Access database.
Number field- A field that stores only numeric values.
Percent - A field format that multiplies the value entered by 100 and displays it with a percent sign.
Populating a database- Adding records to a database.
Portrait orientation- A print setting that uses the narrowest part of the paper to print across.
Primary key- A field in a table that is designated to contain unique data.
RDBMS- (Relational Database Management System) A software application that contains tools to manage data, answer queries, create...

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