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I Died For Beauty But Was Scarce

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“A sense of belonging can emerge from the connections made with people, places and the larger world”

An individual's perception of their own acceptance and belonging is dependent on the people, places and larger world that surround their life. In agreement with the quote above, I believe that through the connections one has with these three things; a sense of belonging can be achieved. In Emily Dickinson’s poem, I died for beauty but was scarce, we see how the persona develops a connection with an unknown male in an adjoined tomb and thus finds a sense of belonging. The persona’s lust for a nourishment is explored in Dickinson’s I had been hungry all the years, in which she finds out that ...view middle of the document...

This warm relationship makes a contrast with the word ‘tomb’, which indicates a feeling that is cold, dark and alone. Their companionship strengthens, with the simile, as they ‘as kinsmen met a night /, we talked between the rooms’. This shows how the walls between their tombs is no obstacle for their connection and in the excerpt ‘the moss reached our lips / and covered up our names’, it suggests that the connection between the two are so strong that the loss of their speech and identity through death holds no barrier between them as they are now deemed as one through their similar causes.

Although not necessarily a person, the creature in The Arrival in which the main character befriends, slowly develops a relationship with the man to help him cope with his new surroundings. The creature’s imaginative, fantastical design represents the character’s bewilderment to the creature’s alien nature as he has not seen anything like it before. The creature helps him get his way around the place, such as pointing out what vegetables he should take and warning him of the dangerous pet guarding the house he is about to deliver his package to. In contrast with the man’s arrival on the ship, where he blends in with the other passengers, making it harder for the audience to pick him out of the crowd, the creature now makes him stand out in the images and so the character gets a sense of identity in this world, which gives him a reason to belong.
Our connections with people are vital for our lives we live. Without them, we lose our unique place in the world.

A place can give an individual a sense of belonging. They may be a place where we are travelling to or a place where we grew up. In The Arrival, a man leaves his family and hometown to migrate to a new world. His connection with his previous home land is lost as he explores unfamiliar surroundings and struggles to find his way around. This is depicted in the contrast of the desolate and mundane nature of the hometown to the vivid, imaginative and busy new world. His previous hometown is monotonous, with identical houses placed next to each other. This repetition represents the character’s familiarity to his home, to the point where everything looks the same. However the bland town is also the reason why he has to leave this place as it shows that he is sick of his home. The usage of dark tones as well as the symbol of the black tentacles looming over the city represents the reason why he wants to lose the connection with this place. As he travels by ship to his new land, the images remain monochromatic, but there is now a hint of yellow or brown as compared to the dark greys and blacks. This coupled with the weird and wonderful monuments and buildings littered around the city shows the man’s feeling of excitement and wonder when travelling to a new place. As the man settles into this place with his family, he finally gains a fulfilling sense of belonging. This is shown in the first page of chapter...

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