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I Am Wat I Am Essay

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"I like you too, Cecile," he says looking straight into my eyes. "We're great friends, but...that's it." These words, spoken by my ultimate crush, are not what I want to hear. All of a sudden, I am devastated, embarrassed, disillusioned, insecure...and brokenhearted. I contemplate eating all the brownies in the world, blowing up like a blimp, then sticking a pin in my side until I hear the BOOM of brownie fragments and air. I want to plaster photos of me in a two-piece all over his car just to show him what he just passed up.With these thoughts running through my brain, I go right into my Math exam...and blow it big time. My score: 54 out of 200. For days, I didn't want to go to school, ...view middle of the document...

He instantly clears a path for me to walk through." Rissa shares further about the night the two of them were hanging out at a restaurant in Makati with their barkada. Rissa went to the ladies' room. While walking back to their table, a waiter starts flirting with her. Feeling really uncomfortable with the waiter following her around, Rissa sought Joey out for help. "He was up in a flash and confronted the waiter," she says. "He even got the waiter to apologize to me." Buddy Boon #2: He can be your Big Bro.Perfect if you're bud... loves playing kuya to the hilt, asking questions like "Did you do your homework?". "Have you had lunch na?", or appeasing you with "You deserve a much better guy anyway." Perfect for you if... you love being pampered with all that caring (who doesn't).Janelle, 15, is the youngest of five brothers. None of them, though, is more protective of her than her bud Mickey. "Mickey sometimes gets overprotective, but maybe that's okay. Although we're the same age, he's more mature than I am. And he says I need protecting," she chuckles. But the high school sophomore admits she has a knack for getting into dangerous situations. "I once had to take taxi home after a gimmick with friends. Mickey was sick that night so he didn't come along," Janelle recalls. Unfortunately, the cab driver was drunk. "The taxi swerved from left to right and I felt like I was in a movie. "When the driver slowed down and fell asleep at the wheel, Janelle opened the door and jumped out. She quickly dialled up Mickey to pick her up. "He scolded me as soon as he got there" she says. "Since then, he makes sure someone takes me home after gimmicks. And he calls me an hour after to see that I arrived at my house safely." Buddy Boon #3: He makes a great tutor/ driving instructor.Perfect if you're bud... has the highest grade point average in your (or his) class, or drives really well.Perfect for you if... you're flunking any of your subjects, or if Dad refuses to pay for your driving lessons.Eighteen year-old Sherry was doing poorly in Chemistry. She needed a C+ badly to stay in school. Who could she turn to but Mari, her smart seatmate and platonic male pal? "Mari's a playstation fiend," Sherry says,"but when I asked him to tutor me, he cut down his playing hours to help me." Everyday for two weeks, her bud stayed with her after school, going over all the lessons with her. "And he never scolded me for being so dumb." Sure enough, the effort paid off. Sherry got a B+...and a driver's license to boot . "I went to...

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1213 words - 5 pages to address these dilemmas and bring gradual solutions is actually one of the long-term advantages that the Early Registration aims to contribute to the public educational system. I am making this appeal to all parents of students of public elementary and secondary schools to participate in this program and forget about our notorious mañana habit. This little contribution will help the government in planning and generating actions and programs to ensure that every Filipino learner will be given access to quality and equitable education.•

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1091 words - 5 pages journals. Was I ready? Was I ready for a real test-to submit my work to the state arts commission for an individual writers grant? At first I thought the idea was laughable. Who the hell did I think I was? My mom knew. She would hold my face in her hands and stare directly into my eyes and say, "You are a writer! Repeat after me: 'I am a writer!' " If my mom believed that, I would not argue with her. I would

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