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I Am Frida Grimm Essay

984 words - 4 pages

* We are going to talk about Literary Genre
* Literary genre is a fancy way of saying type of literature. All literature are categorized by its genre of type.
* Some literary genres:
- Fiction
- Nonfiction
- Folktales
- Drama
- Poetry
LYSBILDE 3 – Short story vs Novel
* There are many differences between a short story and a novel – some obvious and some not so obvious
* WORD COUNT: a short story generally runs to maximum 10 000 words, a novel starts from about 50 000 words. Basically, short stories are short. Novels are long.
* TIME: As far as content goes, a novel vs. short story both have characters and plots. ...view middle of the document...

Explain what the essay is about. When you are at the first stage, it is important to be neutral and save your arguments until next paragraph. A good general statement, that keeps your stand neutral can for example be
* “We live in a world which…”
* “Generally speaking…”
* “Every day/Today…”
* State your opinion. Write a new paragraph, and decide where you stand. Also, give the main reasons for your opinion. You can build up your sentence with
* “One important factor is…”
* “Personally…”
* “I think that…”
* Recognise opposing views and attempt to neutralize them with facts or new arguments, this will make the text more credible. Show the readers that you take a balanced point of view. Good introductions to the opposing views can be
* “Some people seem to think that…”
* “It is often/or it may be argued that…”
* “However…”
* “On the one hand…”
* Useful language to neutralize opposing views:
* “But…”
* “Yet…”
* “However…”
* “Nevertheless…”
* “Still…”
* Write a conclusion and sum up your arguments. Be careful not to repeat the exact words you have used before, it will only make the text unnecessary long. Use rather sentences that begins with words like
* “Finally…”
* “To sum up…”
* “In conlusion…”
* “Taking everything into account…”
* “All things considered…”
* “As we can see…”
LYSBILDE 6 – understand poems
* It is not allways easy to understand peoms. Here is a guid to help you understand them better
* Read the poem aloud
* Write down the important words or paragraph
* Does the poems rhyme? Rhyme is when several verse lines end in the same sounds, like for example: Know – Snow, low – cow
* Is there an alliteration? Alliteration means that the same sounds are repeated at the beginning of several words. A famous example is: “Peter Piper pickled a peck pickled pepper”
* Can you identify images...

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