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I Am A Normal Mba Student

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Growth of a Genius in Management
My understanding in management deepened with the rise of my age. My charisma in interpersonal relations that can help win instant popularity easily was displayed when I was pupil. Every classmate treated me as their best friend naturally. This situation gave me a good opportunity to get to know everyone’s strength and needs. The ability to gain instant popularity is not human nature, and neither is mine. But my parents set me good example. My father is a business man who told me that keeping honest and smiling is one of the best ways to make customers come back again. And my mother said that keep their secret to others is the guarantee that they will confide ...view middle of the document...

At this time I realized that my talent was not in industrial engineering. The fittest major for me is business administration or other management specialty, and my view was proved by the following experience of working.
The one year working experience in Carrefour storage department really meant a lot to my growth. A new comer had to endeavor from the beginning. I was a porter in storehouse in the first few weeks. One day the manager of our hypermarket came down stairs to inspect the valuables that were stored in storehouse. On his way to valuables shelves he was fascinated by the way an employee used to deal with their own missions by themselves. An agile new comer had finished his own job, and helped other mates in an efficient way. He distributed all these twelve porters in four teams helping each other finish their work. Two people passed goods to the guy who was packing up on the shelves. This change saved the path from bulk cargo to shelves, and promoted the efficiency of goods collating. It was amazing. Three people who worked in a team finished all their missions with half the time cost. The store manager promoted this new comer to be the assistant manager of storage department immediately. This lucky new guy was me who had become this 12 people’s friend in the first week I came here. If I had not become...

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