I 95 Lane Project Essay

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I-95 Express Lane Project
The I-95 Express Lane Project has a negative and positive effect on the surrounding area.
The express lane project is nearly a billion dollar endeavor designed to ease traffic congestion and decrease travel times. The project has been broken down into four segments and covers an area of approximately 29 miles from Garrisonville road in Stafford County to Edsall road in Fairfax county Va. This expansion of the current High Occupancy Vehicle lanes (HOV) are designed to add capacity and manage the commute time of travelers.
With the positive results that this project is proposed to bring, there are some potential negative draw backs. From my experiences on I-95, ...view middle of the document...

Careful consideration was given, not to upset the natural water resources found throughout these areas. The air quality, along with noise pollution was a major concern of the research department. Along with the widening of the roadway, comes more vehicular traffic, which lowers the air quality and raises noise levels. To combat the air quality issues, Stafford County mandates that vehicles pass an emissions test. An emission test is a test of a vehicles exhaust that measures the amount of pollution output. In an effort to reduce noises coming from the extra volume of traffic, they are placing more than 60,000 linear feet of sound walls. These walls are designed to deflect the sounds in an upward motion, therefore creating a quieter environment for communities along the 95 corridor.
The Virginia Department of Transportation has attempted to keep the public aware of the possible delays and road closures. They set up mobile message boards along the path of travel that give motorist ample notice of scheduled work. They also use Internet sites along with radio messages to inform the public of when and where these closure, delays will be, providing the public ample time to formulate a plan to navigate the area.
With all the construction and extra traffic delays, the I-95 project is also designed to benefit the area. It is proposed that this megaproject will add capacity to manage congestion, and provide travelers an option for a faster or more predictable trip. It is designed to alleviate a major bottleneck...

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