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After reading and reviewing my results for this i-360 assignment I really learned a lot about myself. It was extremely important to understand and valued their opinion with their ratings. This assignment is informative because I got to understand about myself on what I need to do different and what criticism they have given me to either change or take in consideration. Knowing their criticism gave me the opportunity to transform as a person and become an improve employee. It’s always good to be judged by peers and manager every now and then, I know where I stand in my career path. The proper feedback will make a difference because I will obtain all the ratings in take them in ...view middle of the document...

I need to coach and advance more of my skills and work, display the organizational savvy, influence others with more of a positive attitude. “High-performance values stress the commitment to excellence, caring values communicate how others are to be treated, and uniqueness values tell people inside and outside how the organization is different from all others” (Kouzes & Posner, 2007, Page 65). I agree with this statement because these three threads stated in the book will make me become more of a leader with values and greatness.
I am currently working in the healthcare industry as a contractor ARAMARK as the Office Finance Manager in the Clinical Technology Services Department. Our department repairs all Medical equipment within the hospital and maintains a budget for a less cost effective on our clients. I am in charge of all finances including the entire payroll for our 17 staffs. The implications and challenges for me as leader would definitely be the support from the upper management.
The steps that I will take to achieve goals at work are to make sure that I review and understand the results; I need to have my targeting development priorities by focusing on my priorities. What is that I need to focus on that is important to me? I need to choose my targets that are important, I need to make sure I don’t try everything at once and be more motivated with my tasks at work. I need to become more effective and influence others. I need to plan my development and work closely with manager because I need to try to get him on the same page with me. I need to plan ahead and have notes and be prepared with him and make sure that organize everything in place with all my priorities and objectives. Improving organizing skills is always efficient and important to the work place as well Developing good communication with my boss, peers, and clients is very important in my business field because that determines what type of person I am. I believe that having the teamwork, flexibility, and the commitment are important communication skills to have in the workplace.
The values in life are happiness with myself, family, friends, and my career. Respect, trust, integrity, leadership, excellence, work ethics, and challenges are all values that are important in my life. My first important goal at the moment is to achieve my MBA within a year before I turn 30 years old. It’s an accomplishment that I want to succeed and believe in myself and show true dedication. I want to be more aggressive at work and make sure I do not want to procrastinate by using my time wisely, and keep everything organized, focusing, and understand my responsibilities at work and at home.
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