Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis Paper

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Hypothesis Identification Article Analysis Paper

I chose an article that was directed toward the study of age-associated sub-fertility in women. The objective was to characterize and validate a bovine model for the study of age-associated sub-fertility. A hypothesis used by this particular research team as stated by (Malhi, P.), “We hypothesized that aging in cattle is associated with elevated circulating concentrations of FSH, and reduced concentrations of steroid hormones.” This group had several hypotheses which were rejected on their way to finding a hypothesis that was supported (accepted). The experiments were conducted on female cows and their daughters, because they are similar to women.
The hypothesis that was accepted is: “To conclude, endocrine, follicular and oocyte developmental changes in old cows are consistent with those reported for ...view middle of the document...

We hypothesized that aging in cattle is associated with elevated circulating concentrations of FSH, and reduced concentrations of steroid hormones. As stated, circulating FSH concentrations were higher (P=0.009) during follicular waves in old than young cows. The ovulatory follicle in 2-wave cycles was smaller in old cows (P=0.04), but plasma estradiol concentrations were higher (P=0.01). Luteal phase progesterone tended to be lower in old than young cows (P=0.1). The number of 4-5 mm follicles recruited into a follicular wave was lower (P<0.05) in old cows than in their daughters. The response to ovarian synchronization and super-stimulatory treatments was compared between old and young cows. We hypothesized that aging in cattle is associated with decreased synchrony of an induced follicular wave after steroid treatment. Conversely, the emergence of an induced follicular wave was synchronous between age groups. The pre-ovulatory LH surge was delayed in old compared to young cows (P=0.01), but the detected ovulation times were not different. Old cows had fewer (P<0.01) follicles ≥6 mm after super stimulation, and tended (P=0.1) to have fewer ovulations than their daughters (32±4 versus 40±3, respectively). The response of individual cows to successive super stimulatory treatments was correlated (r>0.8; P<0.0001).
If the study from this continues to be successful scientist/doctors will know the cause and will be able to better treat reproductive deficiencies in women with better accuracy. There was various testing to get reliable data to continue additional research in the field of reproductive organs in women that are ineffective due to aging.

Malhi, P. A bovine model to study reproductive aging. Ph.D. dissertation, The University of
Saskatchewan (Canada), Canada. Retrieved January 11, 2010, from Dissertations & Theses: Full Text. (Publication No. AAT NR31059).

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