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Hyperinflation And The Treaty Of Versailles

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Hyperinflation and the Treaty of Versailles

The treaty of Versailles was one of the five treaties that dealt with
the defeated powers as well as being the most famous of the five and
also became notorious for overall effects on Germany.

Germany signed the treaty reluctantly and under mass protest due to
the terms and conditions the treaty enforced on Germany and the effect
it would eventually have on Germanys Empire and economy.

The main terms were firstly the surrender of all German colonies as
League of Nations mandates; the return of Alsace-Lorraine to France;
demilitarisation and a fifteen-year occupation of the Rhineland. The
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The years
of unrest included communist rebellions and a left and right wing

The reasons for discontent ranged, thousands of German people were
poor and starving consequently poor living conditions led to an
influenza epidemic - this killed thousands more people. The war
victors and the consequences German was receiving led to mass
objections in Germany as the majority of German population denied they
had lost the war and blamed the 'November criminals' who had agreed to
the armistice and the treaty of Versailles. The government was now
seen as weak and ineffective as the treaty of Versailles made living
conditions worse in Germany. Resentment was high and in 1923 Germany
could not pay the second instalment of the reparations. A compromise
was made so France and Belgium occupied the Ruhr (the richest
industrial part of Germany) to take resources directly instead of
payment. This directly led to the up most fury in Germany and workers
in the Ruhr refused to work. The government started printing money to
pay the striking workers, the disruption meant that the German
industry was devastated again, and as a result the economy plunged
into hyperinflation. The three major results of the hyperinflation
were that wages were paid twice a day before prices rose, the middle
class lost out as bank savings became worthless therefore the German

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