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Hydro Turbine Runner Design And Manufacturing

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International Journal of Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing, Vol. 1, No. 2, May 2013

Hydro turbine Runner Design and Manufacturing
Fatma Ayancik, Umut Aradag, Ece Ozkaya, Kutay Celebioglu, Ozgur Unver, and Selin Aradag
 Abstract—This research describes a methodology for the parametric design, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) aided analysis and manufacturing of a Francis type hydro turbine runner. A Francis type hydro turbine consists of five components which are volute, stay vanes, guide vanes, runner and draft tube. The hydraulic performance of the turbine depends on the shape of the components; especially on the shape of the runner blades. The design parameters for the other ...view middle of the document...

These are volute, stationary vanes, guide vanes, runner and draft tube [3]. Volute is designed to keep the velocity distribution uniform in the circumferential direction and it also converts pressure head into velocity head. Stationary vanes carry pressure loads in the volute and they provide the flow to reach the guide vanes without hydraulic losses. Guide vanes are the movable components of a Francis turbine. These are connected to the shafts to provide appropriate design angles to the runner inlet and also to control the flow, thus the power output of the turbine. The main component of Francis turbines is the runner. The runner decreases the pressure and angular momentum of the
Manuscript received November 30, 2012; revised February 3, 2013. This research is being supported by Turkish Ministry of Development. F. Ayancik, U. Aradag, E. Ozkaya, K. Celebioglu, O. Unver, and S. Aradag are with the TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Ankara, 06560, Turkey (e-mail:;;;;;

fluid and this imparts reaction on the runner blades and as a result, power is generated [4]. The last component of Francis turbines is the draft tube. It connects the runner and the tailwater. Because of its shape, water pressure increases along the tube which provides maximum pressure recovery [3]. Design and optimization of these components is crucial. Especially, runner design affects the parameters for all other turbine components. For this reason; design of the runner should provide most of the requirements and constraints. High level of efficiency and cavitation free flow on the runner blades is the necessary requirements according to Daneshkah, K. and Zangeneh, M. [5]. Runner geometry is complex and rotational; therefore to get accurate results, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is widely used. CFD tools help to determine the flow characteristics throughout the runner. In this study, the design and manufacturing methodology for the runner of the turbines of hydraulic power plants is explained. The aim of this study is to express this design and manufacturing methodology for hydro turbine runners with the help of a case study: Turbine runner of Yuvacik HydroElectric Power Plant (H.E.P.P.) in Turkey. Currently, a center for the design, manufacturing and tests of hydro-turbines, is under construction at TOBB University of Economics and Technology, as the output of a project granted by Turkish Ministry of Development. This paper describes the methodology developed as a part of this project for the design and manufacturing of the most important part of hydro-turbines: turbine runner, based on the case study of Yuvacik HEPP. As a final aim of the project, turbines will be designed for several potential hydro power plants and a data bank of hydro turbines will be formed based on head and flow rates. The data bank will include the design...

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