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Hydraulically Operated Doors Aboard Seagoing Vessels New Safety Regulation Proposal

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Hydraulically Operated Doors Aboard Seagoing Vessels
New Safety Regulation Proposal
David Smith

There have been a startling number of marine related safety accidents in the recent past, and if we examine them and critically think about them maybe we can come up with worthwhile regulations that do not add any increased demand on often already overworked crews, at the same time mitigating the amount of change required to current operating equipment. As rare as death is in all of the marine incidents over the past 24 years, according to the transportation safety board, there are 5 reported deaths in Canada due to accidents at sea, one which was caused by a hydraulic door. To that end, ...view middle of the document...

..” (Section 16 Para 5). This regulation does not go far enough with regard to crew and passenger safety.
As stated above, of those 5 deaths mentioned, only one in Canada can be linked to a malfunction of hydraulically operated equipment. However, there are many other injuries attributed to the operation of these doors, and many other incidents can be found in other parts of the world. If Canada were to implement a cost effective way to stop these accidents, it would most likely be easy to adopt elsewhere. Due to the above information pertaining to the risk involved with hydraulically operated doors, it is recommended that the following regulation be enacted as soon as practicable to prevent further injury or death aboard any vessel which uses these devices:
“All seagoing vessels, that have installed onboard any type of hydraulically operated doors or hatches, shall be required to have, in conjunction with all other required safety equipment, an infrared sensor system of an approved type, fitted to all doors or hatches that are operated either locally or remotely, so as to prevent the closure of that door or hatch should an object be in the line of the sensor. Overrides can be fitted but shall only be used if the operation of that equipment will prevent further injury or death. Additional overrides can be fitted at the request of the operator and at the approval of the TSB.”
This regulation would require some work to be done onboard current ships to meet the standard, and would have a cost associated with it, however the cost to implement this option is negligible compared to the overall cost of most other systems onboard a modern vessel, and the prevention of injury or death would outweigh any cost. This same type of system is used in passenger elevators and is common place, making the technology attainable and affordable. It would also be easy to implement when building new ships.
Should a regulation such as this be enacted it would surely prevent future accidents involving these systems which cause injuries to passengers and crew. One such accident that could have been prevented if this system was in place, was when a crew member of the fishing vessel Katsheshuk II lost his life when a hydraulically operated shutter door closed on him as he was exiting the holding tank in the vessel’s processing hold. The incident happened on the 10th of February 2012. Though the crew member responsible was given a formal tour of the...

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