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Hvac Performance Essay

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Multiple issues with HVAC performance
There are multiple possibilities that would explain HVAC poor performance. Firstly, since the hotel has a 2-pipe system versus a 4-pipe one, it could be facing the issue of uncomfortable temperatures when seasons change. Since the system can provide either heating or cooling, the guests and employees might feel like it is either too hot or too cold.
Secondly, there are many maintenance issues that are related to the proper operation of the HVAC systems. For instance, the filters could be covered with dust and dirt, there could be build-up in the guestroom fan coil, appearance of condensation, decreased air quality, and maybe even odors are not being ...view middle of the document...

Multiple issues with HVAC performance
Some solutions to the possible HVAC problems mentioned above could be adding additional heating to mitigate the issue of uncomfortable temperatures during transitional weather periods. There is also the possibility of converting to a 4-pipe system, but this is often very costly and depending on the severity of the problem, the ROI might not justify such a project.
Additionally, in order to prevent the deterioration of the system due to improper maintenance, there are some steps that the hotel’s employees as well as hired professionals can take on a regular basis. For instance, filters should be changed and cleaned regularly, the fan coils should be cleaned either by vacuum or wiped down. Someone should check for the build up of minerals and debris at the back of refrigerators. In order to maintain air quality and prevent diseases such as Legionella, components of the system such as the ductwork walls and the blower fins should be kept free of dirt and dust. In fan coil units and air handler units, someone should check the drain pans – if they are not draining properly, mold can grow and be sent through the ventilation system. Employees should make sure water is not ponding outside at cooling tower and being pulled in through air intake.
Keeping the HVAC system free of dirt and debris helps the hotel save on their utility bill and be more efficient by up to 30%. The property can hire a professional to perform a thorough inspection and cleaning every 2 to 5 years, depending on existing conditions. Some states require a license from people who perform such a service, and it is always good practice to ask for visual confirmation that cleaning was done right.
Higher Engineering employee on the job accidents
In order to address the possible issues that cause frequent employee accidents, the hotel needs to implement an explicit and thorough training program that orients new employees to equipment or substances that they might use on the job. The hotel should be aware of OSHA life safety laws and try to implement them in their operations. One such requirement is the MSDS book that describes chemical composition of certain materials, associated hazards, handling precautions, protective equipment...

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