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"Winning means fame and fortune, Losing means certain death, The Hunger Games have begun."
Hello, peers and teacher.
‘The Hunger Games’ is a dystopian novel that has engaged many readers throughout the years. Suzanne Collins, the author, establishes a society called Panem, that is is divided in 12 districts and the powerful Capital. Every year the Capital hosts the games and each district draws one girl and boy to enter as tributes.
For teenagers ‘The Hunger Games’ series are a amazing reads. Lets take a look into the dangerous and gripping futuristic world that can impact teenagers in a positive direction.
Katniss Everdeen, the core character, demonstrates a perfect role model that shows persistence and resilience. Through Katniss’s conscience, the author, demonstrates that its wrong to kill others.

With some exceptions, popular opinion indicates that ‘The Hunger Games’ displays a positive influence to teenagers through the work of ...view middle of the document...

How would you feel, about your family knowing that they own only little food and resources. For this reason, she has learn to manage her weakness, throughout the novel representing and symbolising resilience.
She knows that if she leaves, there will be a high chance that her life is on the line. But without hesitation, she steps forwards to volunteer her sister.
More specifically, Katniss demonstrates a sophisticated role model in displaying perseverance and indomitable resilience for the duration of the story. All of these prove, that Katniss is leader by how to copes with situations that are difficult to maintain, and solve.

Another aspect is how Suzanne Collins, summarises in the moral,  that it is unacceptable to kill and harm others for entertainment. But Katniss is humiliated and proves that it is not in our human nature to kill others, giving a positive influence to teenages.
Katniss is definitely skilled with a bow and arrow, but she is horrified at the prospect of dying. However, her worst anxieties are revolved around the need of killing other people, to entertain the Capital.
In chapter 3, Gale, her friend says, “You know how to kill”. Katniss replies “Not people.” This statement demonstrates how Katniss is about killing, but she doesn’t go down without a fight. Another example is when, Katniss is in the arena, she actually killed a girl, called Glimmer. Afterwards, Katniss is wracked with guilt about that she killed someone, disgraced about what she did. Katniss’s guilty conscience is a powerful  feature, that drives her into thinking twice about what she is actually doing.
The evidence supports the idea that Katniss is a responsible leader, indicating that its is wrong to kill humans for the desire. She always, is returned to her conscience, when she knows she did something unacceptable.

This leads to the conclusion that The Hunger Games contains a positive influence to an adolescent audience. Katniss displays a role model for teenagers, to always think twice before acting, otherwise, consequences will surely to arise. As well as resilience and perseverance throughout hard struggles and situations. “Leadership is not a position or a title, it is a action and example that influences others.”

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