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Hungarian Revolution 1956 Essay

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After World War II had ended the freely elected Hungarian government was slowly being re-occupied with Soviet military, turning it into the Hungarian Communist Party. With the soviets slowly taking over Hungarian government, the standard of living went on a massive decline as well as the country’s economy. Writers and journalists started publishing critical articles of what was happening in 1955. And By October 22 1956 a band of University students brought back to life the once banned MEFESZ student union and protested on October 23 which set off a chain reaction culminating in the Hungarian Revolution 1956.Around 20,000 protesters gathered on the October 23, 1956 to object to the new ...view middle of the document...

" And by 2AM of the next day tanks had entered Budapest. On October 25 there was a mass protest outside parliament building, many armed with ÁVH weaponry which had been gathered from Hungarian soldiers who had either died or joined the revolution. The constant attacks on parliament created a collapse in government. Ernő Gerő and the Prime Minister fled to the Soviet Union. They were soon replaced by Imre Nagy and János Kádár forming the Hungarian National Government. The resistance fought the Soviet tanks in the streets of Budapest with Molotov Cocktails. Red stars and communist memorials were taken down as well as communist book burnings. A 400 man group rose led by József Dudás who attacked and murdered anyone related with the Soviets or ÁVH.On October 28 a ceasefire was arranged and two days later the majority of Soviet troops had left Budapest.Imre Nagy, new leader of the National Government initially appealed to the public for his calmness and return to old order. It was at first disorganized but soon formed a government abolishing the ÁVH and the one-party system. It only held office for ten days so they had little time to spread their policies, but the newspaper editorials said that Hungary is to be a neutral and multi-party social democracy. Political Prisoners (such as József Cardinal Mindszenty) and banned political parties (such as the National Peasants Party) were now allowed and released.The Soviets were not going to give up that easily though. The soviets decided not the remove the Hungarian government, but on October 30 they adopted Declaration of the Government of the USSR on the Principles of Development and Further Strengthening of Friendship and Cooperation between the Soviet Union and other Socialist States which was issued the next day, which meant that the Soviets could “negotiate” and start “appropriate” negotiations with the government of Hungary and other members of the Warsaw Treaty. Nagy received reports that Soviet forces had entered Hungary and were heading towards Budapest. He contacted Soviet ambassador Yuri Andropov and was told that Soviet Union would not invade, even though Yuri knew they would. Hungary declared its neutrality and withdrew from the Warsaw pact in an attempt so stop soviet forces. They requested assistance from the UN...

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