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Humans Values In The 21st Century

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 In order to rule over the nature, you must obey it.
(Francis Beckon)

Today we more often appeal to common to all mankind problems such as Man and his place in this world. We turn our look back, apply to knowledge of the past; reappraisal at values is becoming – it returns us in the 18th century and helps to find common problems.
Mutual relation between human and society, private and general, coexistence of cultural and man’s values, role of the civilization are the main problems of the Age of the Enlightenment.
In my view, long since NATURE was a source of ...view middle of the document...

“21st century must become a century of humanity, must draw to Man and humans values. Technique is at a deadlock, she begins to eat herself” (D.S.Lichachev). However we can see the events of the latest years show us how close to disappearance, demolition our biological and cultural milieu! That is why in literature more and more often crop up novels-notices. “The last pastoral” by Ales Adamovich, for example. In this production beautiful scenes of love contrast with dreadful scenes of world’s death.
I think the realization of commensurability between human’s and nature’s forces permitted us to keep off earnest disputes. In any case, today in all civilization worlds the mechanism of social control under the state of environmental is effective enough.

Life is a tragedy for a person, who lives by feelings and a comedy for a person, who lives by mind. (Jan Lubreiur)

It seems to me; that something has prevented people from seeing real, beautiful and pure world, in which man can carry out his destination and apprehends LIFE like the mellowest gift, which, in my opinion, makes up the main value for people. I’m felling very keenly the crisis of moral bases, which the mankind has gone through in the third millennium.
Person’s, society’s and government’s prosperity is achieved, if the common sense is laid in his base but not “clear” world outlook principles.
From this point of view there is especially obvious analysis of 10 precepts. In other words, any of these precepts can be absolutely logically explained both divine public causes.
Let’s appeal to the precept “don’t kill”. Of course, we can see severe God’s caution, in another hand, there is conveyed nature’s law, not instinctive not only individual, but specific self-preservation.
We can cover with writing a lot of volumes of theoretical discourses, but with fatal inevitability we come to inference that in capacity of stimulus for observance of this precept are not equinoctial as a fear as a biological instinct, but self-stuffiest.
Besides, maintained similar precept bears social causality. Man is a social creature; his existence is possibly like a public existence. People’s deeds, their moral collapses and upward flights, creation – all of this can realize and make possible only through relationships with collective. Though socium can’t exist without definite regulating in interrelation between his individual compositions.
Self-realization, ability to bring about all possibilities and talents it is very important for individual. Plenitude of life is first of all plenitude of creative commencement. Many people ask themselves a question: “Why man must strive for full realization, why it must become his aim?” I’ll answer to...

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