Humans Are The Lowest Animals Essay

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Mustafa Culban
ENG 101- Sec. 77
Sarah Marie Christian
06 March 2014

Humans are trying to live their lives by establishing superiority over the other living species and human kind, too. They may have right when they think that is okay to do. They hunted animals greedly and as Mark Twain mentioned in his essay which is about The Lowest Animal man even said that they were patriots and religious –according to them they were the most one- on the World. However, human kind were wrong that they had misunderstood being the highest animal on the world. Twain was right about his statements about the Morality that makes us more demonic animals. Also Twain has a point about our ...view middle of the document...

We cannot be ensure.On the other hand, we can know why he acted like that. Connection can be established between Morality and this act. He aws given everything o the heaven but the morality enables him to do wrong things.He was the first human and humans always want everything right now. Twain Said that “ it is the quality which enables him to do wrong.”(Twain, page 4, paragraph 4) As he said we have an awful passion which is not curable. One of the other sides of this badness is that enslaving people which is not matched with people.There were Enslaving people on the World from first human clan until democrasy. Enslaving was splayed region by region around the World.For instance,on the tv series called Game of Thrones, King has many slaves just to make daily tasks such as preparing shower, making lunch,dinner also makes them slaves for his passions. Twain declared that “In our days, he is always some man’s slave for wages, and does that man’s work.” (page 3, paragraph 3) If the man was really the highest animal in the World, man would their own work and provide own living. Twain is right with his thought about this subject.
Our own behaviours form us what we are and will be. Behaving each other badly or speaking harmfully each other might be compensated but the point that are we real humans when we killed animals not accidentally but conciously exactly? We have to think about our level of behaviour of respect and aspect of what we are.For example, Twain compared an earl and anaconda in his text. Firstly an earl killed 72 buffalos and but just ate 1 and left 71 to the hounds or rot. He became a man who killed 71 buffalos for just entertainment. However when we put 7 rats into the anaconda’s cage. Surprisingly it crashed one of seven and showed no interest to the others. So, we are the such animals that killed just for our desires.Even we do it as a sport it doesnt change the circumstances that we are in..However the real highest animals kill what they need which is enough for looking after the inner man. If we were the highest we could do what they do. Even, it is not as more important as the inner unending appetite . there is one point that shows humans are not the highest but lowest . We are accumulating more than our needs.For example from the text, the squirrels and bees make accumulation but they stop when they gather the winter supply.They don’t want excess.Meanwhile , when we look to the man’s side there is always collecting everything.Twain said that ”There is difference between man and the higher animals : he is avoricious and miserly, they are not.” (page 2, paragraph 2) As he said we have an unending appetite to everything. We need to put our rapacious side in a place beyond the reach of us any more. When we succeed this putting away things, we can see exactly Twain is wrong. The third behaviour which contains 2 parts which we cannot put away is that Harems and passion of revenge.these seem totally different but not.There is a...

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