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Humanities Comparison Essay

787 words - 4 pages

Name Suzanna K Kirk
Professor Belal
Course HUMN 1101
Date 3-14-16
Significance of ancient sculpture and architecture in everyday life

Architecture refers to the process that comprises of planning, designing and construction of buildings and any other project (Encyclopædia Britannica 2). Architectural sculpture, on the other hand, is the term that makes use of the sculpture by either an architect or sculptor. In many occasions, the use of architectural sculpture has been a component for many builders within the history and also almost virtually in each corner of the globe except the pre-colonial Australia (Encyclopædia Britannica 4). This essay will present a ...view middle of the document...

In many occasions, reliefs as from the traditional times were in the category of the way high figures had the capability to undergo projection from the background. Relief or relieve sculptures also may mean the combination of two-dimensional pictorial arts with the three-dimensional pictorial arts (Encyclopædia Britannica 11). Relief is more of a picture that relies on the background surface. At the same time, relief also expresses the levels of the exact three-dimensionality in the same manner as a proper sculpture.
In comparing the relief sculpture of Stone Mountain to the Lapith Overcoming a Centaur
( Sayre, Henry M., and Henry M. Sayre. "Page 65." Discovering the Humanities. Boston: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2013. N. pag. Print.) The most noticeable differences are the sheer size of the Stone Mountain relief in comparison to the Lapith, as well as the mediums of stone verses marble. Both have historical value, one being representative of the old confederate south, and one representing (while a myth) the “clash of forces between civilizations” ( Sayre, Henry M., and Henry M. Sayre. "Page 64." Discovering the Humanities. Boston: Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2013. N. pag. Print.)

An architectural element with its description

Normally, architecture is a fine art due to its aesthetic components that have spotlights in comparison to the structural engineering or components of construction management. Most architectural works are dependent on cultural and...

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