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Humanities Assignment

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Rafael Giron
Humanities Final Paper
Art Institute
I took a trip to the building on 111 South Michigan Avenue, it is the home of the Art Institute of Chicago, which to give a little history that I learned while my visit there I learned quite of bit of history and even though there is a lot art work inside the building itself is piece of artwork as well and that is what I want to focus on and some paintings as well, it was opened in 1893 for the World’s Columbian Exposition. The building was passed on to the Art Institute after the end of the exposition. The building has become an icon for the people that live there an tourists alike. The Modern Wing, the Art Institute’s latest and ...view middle of the document...

The Modern wing in constructed of steel and glass, and is very open and bright. The large north wall facing Millenium Park is one large expanse of windows, letting in plenty of indirect sunlight, and opening the gallery to the park. Like the seasons, it is a wonderful site to see when someone were to get a chance to, like the changing seasons, the scenery changes with it too, from the blanket of soft white snow to the falling leaves in fall, to the trees and grass in the spring and we cannot forget the hot weather in the summer. The space feels very light, in both senses of the word. As with the old building, the art feels similar to the space in that it is more open and less opressive.
    The two buildings also differ in the way they interact with the city, since they have  vastly differing neighbors. The main building is centered on Adams street and faces the Loop, the busiest area of the city. Flanking the main entrance are two large, bronze, lions that seem to protect the building from the city, while still allowing visitors to enter and exit the museum. The new Modern Wing, however, faces Chicago’s Millenium Park. The face of the building along the park side is a large face of windows. So, while the old building is trying to shut out the city to create a space for itself, the Modern Wing is opening itself up to let the park in.
    How the two buildings relate to the street is another way in which they differ. Much like it’s relationship to the Loop, the main building feels very separate from the street. The fact that...

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