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Human Trafficking: Searching For A Solution

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Thailand is very well known for its high proportion of human trafficking. The men and woman are constantly sold for their resources. Labor and prostitution are the most common cases. In Thailand there has been an uprising of human trafficking on the fishing boats or trawlers. On the trawlers many men are forced to work without pay under the impression that they owe money. The men come from neighboring countries of Cambodia and Burma. Among many boats, abuse is a normal practice to keep the men detained and to continue forcing them to work. There are many issues surrounding the human trafficking on trawlers, but with the issues there are solutions and restrictions to the forced labor of the ...view middle of the document...

The laws are endorsed to be strict because there are many immigrants that agree to migrate in the search of work, where factory owners assure that they have a job for them. Factory owners then move these men around until they are told and tricked into believing they owe a large amount of money and are then put to work on these ships as illegal workers. If the government can stop the illegal immigrants then they might be able to decrease the amount of men trafficked on these boats.

To improve human trafficking and decrease the immigrated men, the neighboring nations need to work together to improve laws and economic growth. The economic growth of a country is important to preventing or causing a decrease in the trafficking of men into labor. If the country becomes more prosperous this can open up more opportunities of employment. When the opportunity for employment increases, fewer men will migrate to look for job opportunities. When the needs for a job are met they do not need to migrate, as the migrated men are the ones that become tricked and sold to the trawlers. In Blacktown’s (2013) article it is stated that, “2 million Burmese migrants have come to Thailand in search of better paid work”. Increasing the job opportunities in Burma can lower the migrants of Burmese people. If we can speculate an increase in the economy in Burma we can also believe that the migration rate will also decrease. The migration rate is clearly a problem when it comes to human trafficking. For example if you look at prosperous economies they have less migrating people which leads to less human trafficking in nearby countries. Increasing the economic growth can be one solution to lowering the human trafficking in the world.

Limiting the amount of immigration into a country can also benefit them as well. In many countries the welfare system provides to the low-income immigrants. In the host countries of the welfare systems, Svaton and Warin (2008) find that, “low earning immigrants will free ride on the host country welfare system, and thus can be viewed as unwelcome in the host country”(p.4). The immigrants that will ride on the host countries welfare tend to be low skilled and low trained. The inexperienced immigrants can free load on another system. To produce better laws and restrictions on immigration will not only benefit the numbers of humans trafficked but can also benefit the host countries system by decreasing the free-loaders. This incentive for host countries of human trafficking can improve their overall systems and income for the homeland natives. The tighter restrictions can also benefit the home countries. Svaton and Waring (2008) also argue a second thought, “Immigrants are likely to benefit the host country population if they have a unique factor of production, perform jobs that natives do not want to do or if they alleviate a shortage of labor in the host country”(p. 5). Migration can benefit multiple countries if arranged in the proper ways,...

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