Human Trafficking Essay

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Human Trafficking
Barbara Cooper
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Human trafficking is a crime which is committed against the young and vulnerable. It harms the victims not only physically, but psychologically and financially as well. This paper will discuss the ways victims are harmed. A known fact is that there are more human slaves in the world today than ever before.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking harms it victims, physically, psychologically, and financially. It’s a complex crime against humanity. It involves the act of recruiting, transporting, harboring, or receiving a person through the use of force (“What is Human Trafficking?” 2012). Pretending ...view middle of the document...

Usually drugs and alcohol is involved, also. Plus “victims can get hepatitis, malaria, pneumonia, and forced or coerced abortions” (Kilpatrick, 2012). Starving and bondage is also a form of physical harm.
“The psychologically outcome of being a victim of human trafficking are closely associated with the consequences of being a victim of child abuse, domestic violence, or of living through a war zone” (Shkurkin, Victims of 2004). There are predictable thinks that happens in the mind of trafficking victims that helps them to better cope or adapt to these extreme and frightening situations. “Each situation gives a person” the way to cope by maybe focusing on something good that may have happen to them in their life, or the ways of thinking the way their captors have taught them to think, which can have total control over a prolong period (months or years)” as directed by Judith Herman. “Many survivors of human trafficking were made vulnerable to and easily affected emotionally to human trafficking because of a history of child abuse. Their ability to cope with the situation also depends on their family history of health or dysfunction” (Shkurkin). There could be harm done to their mind/body, separate/disassociation, ego states, shame, and grief, fear, and distrust, hatred of men, self-hatred, suicide, and suicidal thoughts. Attempts at long-term coping with the trauma of domestic violence, for women, has shown a likely pattern and have been documented in literature. Human trafficking can change a person’s live forever.
The financially part of human trafficking is because of the loss of legal status, migrant or trafficking victims are exposed to great exploitation, including forced labor. Calling such exploitation “the anti-thesis of development,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon states at a meeting in the Philippines: Only by safeguarding the rights of migrants, and ensuring that migrants are treated with dignity and respect due any human being, can we create the conditions which migration can contribute to development in this time of financial hardships, we all need to be especially watchful and alert.” In its January 2009 employment report, “the ILO said the economic crisis is causing striking increases in the number of employed, working poor, and those in unsafe, employment. If this crisis continues, more than 200 million workers, mostly in developing economics, could be pushed into extreme poverty” (Finance Crisis, 2009). As more people become exposed to human trafficking, fewer are likely to find local sources of assistance....

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