Human Torture Should Never Be Permitted

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Torture: any act by which pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is deliberately inflicted on a person (Tammeus 3). Does the definition of torture truly depict what is done those who fall victim to it? Torture has affected so many people world-wide, and many historical precedence’s liked to use torture, especially in times of war; however people and organizations have teamed up to put an end to this crisis.
Numerous people are affected by torture in a lot of distinct ways and countries. Torture can be anything from kidnapping to sexual debasement. “I was beaten continuously. They slapped my face and head for three days. I don’t know how long I was unconscious,” illustrates ...view middle of the document...

Police officers in Mexico are being captured then tortured while in prison. This problem continues because not much has been done about these police until organizations started getting involved (Godoy 2). From Mexico to the United States; no one is safe from torture, not even young adults/children. An abundance of young individuals are at risk of being assaulted behind bars. Both female and male staffs at juvenile correction facilities have been found guilty of rape and sexual harassments of the inmates. Five percent of girls and ten percent of boys have admitted to having sex with staff members (Kristof 1). Statistics show that it is less likely to be raped or sexually harassed in jail than it is in a juvenile detention facility. Torture is not just confined to one area; there are torture cases in 85 different countries. Support for torture is the highest in Israel at 36 percent (Rodgers 2). No one is safe from torture. Although, torture seems to be happening around the world torture is very wrong.
There are five main reasons why torture is wrong. First, torture violates the dignity of human beings. Second, torture mistreats the vulnerable (Tammeus 2). “First they make you crazy. Next, you believe you’re going to die, so there’s no point in confessing,” says a torture survivor (Rodgers 2). Third, torture inflicts too much trust in the government. Fourth, torture dehumanizes the torturer. Fifth and finally, torture erodes the character of the nation doing the torturing (Tammeus 2). The tortured are considered vulnerable however, the torturer is the one who’s really weak.
Torture is caused by many historical instances and influences such as Hitler, Stalin, and ancient civilizations. Torture has been a reoccurring issue in various parts of history; many historical influencers have been supporters of torture. Torture has been used for countless years; especially in times of war. During WWII the Nazis liked to call torture the “enhanced interrogation.” Joseph Stalin was also a major supporter of torture and truly believed in it. He once asked, “How do you catch a lion? Simple you catch a rabbit and beat it until it admits it’s a lion” (Moore 1). Torture was used in ancient civilizations such as ancient Greece. Greeks would set up camps used for training torturers (Stoltzfus 1). Many of the most influential leaders have condoned and supported such a terrible act. As a result some have found torture to be a good add-on to interrogation.
Another reason torture exists could be the warped mental state of torturers and abusers. Torturers all have one thing in common: they believe they are doing the right thing (“Torturers Logic” 1). They believe they are serving a higher cause. Torture can become routine to some, as scary as it is. An experienced torturer eventually becomes used to torturing others (Stoltzfus 2). Some torture because they believe they aren’t going to get caught (Kristof 1). Torturer’s can think these ways because the circumstances...

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