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Human Sexuality And Disability Essay

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Selam M. Beyene

Human Sexuality and Disability

A short research on personal and scientific reflections on being sexual while disabled. Works cited are helpful.

Article Summary

Chandler, B. J., Brown, S. (1998). Sex and relationship dysfunction in neurological disability. Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, 65, 877-880. doi: 10.1136/jnnp.6 5.6.877

Researchers Chandler and Brown (1988) conducted a study to see the relationship between neurologically disabled individuals and their experienced sexual relationship problems. Primarily focused on dyadic relationships, this research further sheds light on service providing for affected individuals. A 6 months ...view middle of the document...

Reflective Journal

Introduction to topic: Human Sexuality and Disability
Sexual health is an important aspect of all human beings. Dr. Mona (2011) noted disabled individuals may not fit into the typical category of what is sexually desirable in our society and can result in low sexual self esteem. Disability is a complex phenomenon, which has different aspects. Our group was curious and wanted to research on preconceived assumptions on Sexuality and Disability. The research dealt with physical disability (Injuries affecting mobility, Individuals with Cancer resulting in physical limitations etc.) its relationship with sexual pleasure, expression and services provided for concerned individuals.
The Travelling Tickle Trunk Shop. Research and collecting Informaiton
Located within Edmonton made it easy to conduct research on this agency. Additionally the range and quality of services was accessible and welcoming to disabled individuals. The Methodology involved, contacting the owner Brenda Kerber through e-mail and phone to set up an interview. We personally contacted Brenda at the Tickle Trunk located on Whyte Avenue. During this period she willingly provided answers and useful information. More to this, we analyzed the store set up, services and policies to accommodate disabled customers.
Perceptions and Personal Impact of this Research
Brenda had stated the initial idea to set up this particular store being a customer request that she later researched into and established in 2008 (personal communication, Oct. 31, 2012), indicating a wide customer range. I have learnt the variety of customers is not limited to race, culture, age, physical ability or gender. I would always assume customers of sex stores being sex addicts or having some physiological difficulties during sexual intercourse. My assumptions essentially root from my culture. Sex is a reserved topic until marriage and is therefore associated with procreation. I am aware of the pleasurable aspects of sex and this research has broadened my viewpoint. Another major assumption was with regards to disabled customers being asexual and/or loosing total sense of feel in sexual organs completely. Dr. Tepper’s (2000) research helped publicize sexual oppression of disabled individuals and eliminated some of my assumptions enlightening me to the complex world of disability (acquired disability, mental illness, physical disability, prenatal disability etc). Disabled individuals at least here in North America are engaged in sexual activity and I would state are having better and creative sex. Major personal turning point of...

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