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Human Sexuality Essay

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Personal Perspective on Human Sexuality
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This paper will discuss my personal views, beliefs, and experiences on human sexuality. It will address the following subjects: nudity; the appropriate age to become sexually intimate; the number of sex partners; the morality of sex outside marriage; sex education; when sexual intimacy may be wrong; the influence of family, culture, religion, and the media on my personal perception of sexuality; the impact of puberty on my development; and society’s gender role expectations influence on my sexual identity.
I view the naked human body as a sacred masterpiece of living ...view middle of the document...

I sleep in the nude and others’ nudity does not bother me.
No particular age is precisely appropriate for the beginning of sexual activity. It depends on the individual and the society. I was raised with conservative Christian beliefs that one should refrain from sex until they are married. I am more in line with the cultural norm that sex should be reserved for two or more consenting, sober adults, as well as emotionally mature older teens who are well-informed of the consequences of sexual activity. They should be informed that pregnancy might occur even with birth control and that sometimes results in a rush to marriage, abortion, or adoption. Also, extreme bonding can end in emotional devastation in the event of a breakup. STDs, do occur without clinical symptoms in which case they may go untreated and can result in cancer, etc. Many teens are sexually active and should practice safer sex by using contraceptives and having regular medical check-ups for disease.
The number of partners may refer to group sex or to a series of partners, one at a time, over a span of time. I believe that two or more sober, consenting adults should be able to have as many sexual partners as they desire and I would only hope they use contraceptives on each sexual occasion and be aware of some of the possible outcomes on an emotional level. Multiple partners may lead to valuable experience and maturity, or to an increased difficulty in bonding, and even depression in some persons. When I was younger, in my twenties, one-night-stands were not uncommon, where sex was not part of a bonding experience, but was purely for pleasure. In my teens and twenties, I did not abide by the traditional standards I had been raised with, and as a result, my partner(s) and I experienced several undesirable results.
I believe most married people in the U.S. intended to be monogamous. However, divorce rates are over 50%, and infidelity is one important contributing factor. When a married couple agrees to be faithful to each other, and one of the partners breaks the commitment and has a sexual relationship with another person, I believe it to be wrong, unless the married couple is already in the middle of a divorce, and has an agreement to date other people until the divorce can be finalized as divorces can take a long time. However, if a married couple decides to have an open marriage, where both parties agree, I believe it is okay to date and have sex with other people, then they have abided by their own moral standard. I have known couples with an open marriage who became extremely jealous and angry and divorced. Obviously, there are those who make it work and are free to do so, although that would not be my choice because I value lasting love nurtured by exclusivity once marriage replaces dating.
I believe that sexual education begins at home at the very earliest age, in the way the parents relate to each other and answer honestly the child’s questions...

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