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Human Sex Essay

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The Impact Erectile Dysfunction has on Women’s Sexual Life:
Marie Chevret, Eric Jaudinot, Kate Sullivan, Alexia Marrel, and Anne S. De Gendre
Lyon, France

Women frequently encounter sexual partners who are suffering with erectile dysfunction. This is a sexual dysfunction suffered by men that is characterized by the inability to develop an erection while engaging in sexual activities. Impact of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) on Sexual Life of Female Partners: Assessment with the
Index of Sexual Life (ISL) Questionnaire, is a research article done by (*WHO? LIST THE RESEARCHERS) researchers at Lyon (*LYON WHAT? Lyon University? Lyon Research Center?) in France who set out to measure the ...view middle of the document...

In Chevret et al. study, questionnaires were mailed to a group of 1,600 select couples. The stipulations for this study were that the man within the couple must be at least 40 years of age and the couple has had to of been together for at least six months with an active sex life. The men who received the questionnaire completed the IIEF-5 questionnaire while the women completed the ISL. (Chevret, Jaudinot, Sllivan, Marrel, Ge Dendre, 2004) The study then used the men’s IIEF scores to determine two groups. If a score of 21 or less was received, ED was indicated and those men and their partners were included in the ED group. If the men’s scores were above 21 then they were out into the control group. Once the two groups were established, the scores could be compared to see if the ISL had discriminatory ability.
The results found were significant. The variables comprised of sexual satisfaction, sexual drive, and a sense of general life satisfaction were all higher in the controlled group versus the ED group. For all three variables tested, women a part of the ED group had a lower satisfaction rate than the controlled group. For example, sexual satisfaction (16.67 [±7.79] versus 23.04 [±5.02]; p < .0001), sex drive (2.87 [±2.40] versus 5.20 [±2.63]; p < .0001), and general life satisfaction which was much closer in comparison but still showing a significant difference (7.85 [±2.00] versus 8.40 [±1.66]; p < .0004). (*NEEDS “ ” doesn’t it? This is info from your article so needs to be cited correctly!) (Chevret, Jaudinot, Sllivan, Marrel, Ge Dendre, 2004) In conclusion, the basis of their findings demonstrated that ED had a negative impact on the sexual lives of not only males, but also females.
The results reiterated the researchers (*WHO???) hypothesis and reasoning behind concluding the study. The study made it able to better identify with women who are with...

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