Human Services Research Article Essay

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Human Services Research Article Discussion
Wendy Coghill
September 29, 2014
University of Phoenix
Instructor Jaime Primiano

Human Services Research Article Discussion
The following paper will address the findings of the author on the topic of discussing Human Services scholarly research articles/journals found inside the University Library that included some statistical analysis. The article had to be at least ten to thirty pages long, and must be of interest to the author. The assignment then required that the presentation be formatted clearly, and that the content must be sound, meaning adhering to APA guidelines ...view middle of the document...

Carrying around excess weight diminishes the overall quality of life, causes medical expenditures to increase, decreases productivity, and puts a huge stress the health care system. Second, changes in weight are easily observable, whereas health indicators such as overall status or specific morbidities are likely to be measured with greater error or require interaction with the medical system for diagnosis (Baum, 2007).
Statistical Analysis within the Article
The scholarly peer reviewed journal article entitled “Journal of Health Economics”, “Age, socioeconomic status and obesity growth”, found in the University of Phoenix online library discusses the fact that obesity represents a rapidly increasing health risk. The article includes the use of empirical methods to analyze the effects of age related changes and body weight (Baum, 2007). With the use of conventional definitions, 32% of 20–74 years old were obese in 1999–2004, compared to just 14% in 1976–1980. It was also stated that obesity generally develops over a prolonged period of time since body weight results from flows of caloric intake and...

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