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Q. Identify and discuss services available for the mentally retarded? Compare to services available for mental health clients. What are the implications for Human Service practice?
DNA- The main agency located for MR/MH is located in Lancaster, Pa. However, there are agencies that have residential group homes for MR/MH clients in the Columbia community.
R. Where and how does one report child neglect and/or abuse? What is the law as related to Human Service professionals and reporting?
Children and Youth agency is the agency responsible for all reports/calls of suspected child abuse/neglect. Anyone can call the agency to report a suspected case of neglect or abuse and they may remain anonymous if necessary. The agency is not located in the Columbia community. The law related to ...view middle of the document...

The agency is not located in the Columbia community, but as a Human Service professional reporting a case of suspected abuse the person reporting would call the Office of Aging and give the information. The case would then be continued within that agency; again the police may become involved to better protect the person or persons of suspected abuse.
T. Research the Amish and their utilization (or not) of social welfare services, what are the implications for Human Service practice?
The Amish do not use the social welfare services provided in Pennsylvania. Most of the older Amish do not believe in purchasing any type of health insurance, because it is not viewed as trusting in God. There is commercial liability insurance available for the Amish to purchase if needed. Most of the Amish community refuse this insurance and raise money throughthe church and selling homemade items such as baked goods, milk, eggs, and quilts. The implications for the Human Service practice looks very dim regarding the facts that the Amish community does not utilize any social welfare services. The Amish community’s view on this topic is not in the beliefs of God or what God would want them to do. Human Service professionals will most likely not be working with the Amish community in the future.
U. Columbia Pregnancy Center
This agency provides services to low income pregnant women and their families. The services provided include counseling, pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, abortion alternatives, education classes, pregnancy testing, resource information, and wellness programs. This agency is viewed as a benefit in the community because it gives low income women and their families the opportunity to receive quality health care at a free to low cost charge. It also provides them with the opportunity to educate themselves on how to make positive lifestyle changes.

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