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Human Services Essay

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What is Human Services?
Ruth Convery
Introduction to Human Services

Human Services is defined by The National Organization of Human Services as “The Human Services profession is one which promotes improved service delivery systems by addressing not only the quality of direct services, but by also seeking to improve accessibility, accountability, and coordination among professionals and agencies in service delivery.” Human services cover a wide range of career anywhere from child protective services, investigating child abuse to working at a hospice for emotional support for the terminally ill. What all human services do have in common is they help people in their time of ...view middle of the document...

With the theories of predestination and social Darwinism people began to believe if you were poor that was how God intended you to be and helping the poor was not what God wanted. Society began to view the poor and homeless as criminals. Laws were put into place to deal with the poor. These laws were known as The Elizabethan Poor Laws. These laws were in place for centuries. The laws stated that the sole responsibility of the poor fell onto the family. It also stated that relief for the poor should be handled at a local government level; the law also stated that you could not move to another community unless you were financially able to provide for yourself. Part of these laws can still be seen into today’s welfare policies. By the late 1800’s the welfare system had become disorganized and so The Charity Organization Societies also know as COS movement began. The main purpose of The Charity Organization Societies was to first organize the welfare system to eliminate fraud but then also investigate each case to discover the root of the problem that was causing the poverty. The Charity Organization Societies was the first to use what we now know as caseworkers. These case workers were know as friendly visitors and would visit the home to find the reason for their poverty and then create a case plan. From 1860 to roughly 1910 the amount of Immigrants moving to America surged. Many of these immigrants were from non-English speaking countries and already suffered from poverty. Many of them were unable to get work due to their lack of English and lived in awful, crammed living conditions. At this time there were no labor laws to protect them, child labor became prevalent and people worked for very low wages in unsafe condition. A woman by the name of Jane Addams who had a passion for the unfortunate situations of these immigrants had learned of a settlement house that was used in England by the name of Toynbee Hall. This settlement house was a welfare institution in the slums of London where workers lives side by side with the poor to improve social condition. Addams was moved by this and set out to open the first settlement house in America that would be named The Hull House. The Hull House was revolutionary in that it viewed all people as individually equal not poor or wealthy. A few decades after The Hull House was created the stock market crashed and caused The Great Depression. Many people who were before considered middle class were now unemployed and poor and in many cases homeless. In 1933 Roosevelt was elected President and set out to improve social welfare. This was to be known as The New Deal. These acts that were placed into law provided temporary jobs to millions of unemployed Americans as well as food to the unemployed. The Social Security Act of 1935 was also formed. This act provided aid to dependent mothers and children as well as the elderly and the disabled. Although over time the way society perceives the poor has...

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